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Workgroup vs Domain

Before you start with Servers , its a must for all of us to know the difference between a workgroup and a domain. This difference gives us an idea of why is a domain required for the companies and not a workgroup under various working scenarios. Hence we present this tutorial giving you a brief about the properties of both the workgroup and the domain in a nutshell.FOr more in depth details you can follow our video playlist and also visit the following links given below.

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18 Responses

  1. Really Liked the way you explained, However , I have a question, Say in an Organisation, We all know that PC is connected in Domain, Now One PC is connected with Workgroup and only one specific user can only login to that PC, How to make that PC connected to Domain so that everybody can login ? I believe we have to make some changes in Server, Can you please walk me through it ?

  2. Gary Kang says:

    Well explained but please spell DOMAIN correctly in your next presentation

  3. Rajesh Naik says:

    Awesome explanation buddy.

  4. tarakeswar says:

    Nv thop macha

  5. Jan Winnicki says:

    dat loud music… dat accent…

  6. Wil Lee says:

    Thanks for the info about Work groups and "Doamin"s.

  7. Thanks for uploading useful video.

    we are able to use preinstalled cloud server from http://www.datasoft.ws for $32/m and learned configuration by using these video.it helped me a lot.

  8. Ultimate video, no words…..

  9. Lion Heart says:

    Nice video, very clear and informative.

  10. devadastv100 says:

    Thanks for the video. Nice explanation.
    Please see if you can correct the 'Domain' spelling in video.

  11. Khan Masood says:

    Thanks for sharing videos .keep it up

  12. TooThLESS says:

    what a great eplanation !!