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WHM Guide-3 | Setup Custom Nameservers – Hosting Server

Let’s learn how to change/ setup custom nameserver at hosting.
In this WHM tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add Nameservers at hosting account and how to configure DNS hosting at whm

Creating name server in whm has many benefits most importantly enabling all of cPanel’s built-in DNS tools which can make DNS changes much easier.

Definitely, this video helps you to show how to change, set up and register new private nameservers on a cPanel server using the WHM (Web Host Manager) interface.

In the following you can see the video links of WHM tutorial and WHMCS tutorial, from here you can download the complete WHM/WHMCS tutorial series.

Have the good luck to start your own reseller hosting business.

WHM Server Tutorial Series 2017

WHM Guide-1 | Basic Introduction & Login into WHM

WHM Guide-2 | Setup Custom DNS Nameservers – Domain Registrar

WHM Guide-3 | Setup Custom Nameservers – Hosting Server

WHM Guide-4 | Customize Hosting Package/Plans

WHM Guide-5 | cPanel Feature Manager Lists

WHM Guide-6 | Create New cPanel Account

WHM Guide-7 | Integrate/Connect WHM Server into WHMCS

WHMCS Tutorial Series 2017

WHMCS Guide-1 | Installation of WHMCS

WHMCS Guide-2 | Secure your WHMCS – Installation Guide

WHMCS Guide-3 | Configurations of General Settings

WHMCS Guide-4 | Configure Automation Settings

WHMCS Guide-5 | Manage Administrators-Role Configure

WHMCS Guide-6 | Setup & Configure Payment Gateways

WHMCS Guide-7 | Setup WHM Server to WHMCS

WHMCS Guide-8 | Configuring Product and Services

WHMCS Guide-9 | Configure Domain Registrar & Pricing

WHMCS Guide-10 | Create Custom Email Templates

WHMCS Guide-11 | Create Custom Pages – TOS & Privacy Templates

WHMCS Guide-12 | Setup Support Departments & Email Configuration

WHMCS Guide-13 | Activate/Installing WHMCS Addons

WHMCS Guide-14 | Add Promotions and Coupons Codes

WHMCS Guide-15 | How to Setup knowledgebase

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