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What It's Like to Run a Minecraft Anarchy Server

I never thought I would be doing this. But after thinking it over a bit more, I thought this would be an interesting idea.

1.12.2 IP: mc.salc1.com
Discord: https://www.salc1.com/discord.html

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46 Responses

  1. Can i join the server with cracked minecraft?

  2. “No rules whatsoever” *installs anti cheat… smh

  3. Wierd Dude says:

    says anarchy

    puts anti fly

  4. Robin Pur says:

    Remove queue

  5. Thomas says:

    What's so unstable about 1.15?

  6. Fantasy City says:

    I thought he would just interview a server owner but that was much more interesting

  7. Caleb Ison says:

    ak1238 is the greatest explorer on c1c2 he was the first to find a mosh room island and a jungle temple along with chunk errors! all hail ak

  8. Mr. Jag says:

    IF ANYONE ASK: SuperMario RPG forest theme

  9. Ozzni says:

    last time I was this early nobody had placed any signs outside the world border

  10. ralsei says:

    Mfw It's not cracked

  11. Joe S says:

    The oldest anarchy server on Minecraft

  12. So hacking isn't allowed on this "anarchy" server? I mean it's p silly that in the queue server there's moobot ready to tell you the !rules

  13. U caused a incursion…

  14. Only says:

    1:10 how old is this project when 1.15 wasnt out lol

  15. "Newer versions of minecraft past 1.12 are too unstable to run an anarchy server"
    That just means you're not trying hard enough.
    destroymc.net – version 1.15.2 and running smooth as silk serverside

  16. mlodyskiny – dtf713

  17. how someone do the backdoor?

  18. whats the name of the server?

  19. Danny says:

    you got scammed 2 times lmao

  20. ares 054 says:

    1:35 why get a anticheat

  21. Novit Gaming says:

    I like it when the title is a question and not the answer

  22. I keep getting kicked for "illegal client modification" so how anarchy is this actually meant to be..?

  23. OverworldYT says:

    S U P E R M A R I O R P G

  24. Bruh when i saw the title i thought you were hausemaster

  25. IamMe says:

    can you make it craked? i want to join!

  26. CY4N1DE says:

    is that super mario galaxy music

  27. Yulian says:


  28. VerdGehirn says:

    How did it got backdoored?

  29. WOMB00 says:

    I hope the server stays Up , I’ve been having a lot of fun on the server , it feels good to play on an anarchy server in its early days

  30. Tammy Jey says:


  31. Wes Wouters says:

    the server has like 50 players in 50 minutes

  32. Amelia says:

    I'm sorry but that "development" team you have is trash. They can't even complete simple things correctly.

  33. anon says:

    40 minutes and the server is already fucking dead

  34. AzureSkull says:

    TPS of this server is more broken than Germanys economics after WW2

  35. Wobblins says:


    Why is every anarchy server a fake out nowadays?

  36. bruh i was on the OG version of the server before he released it to the public and they reset it like 50 times lol.

  37. Sal: "so I started a anarchy server to see what it's like to run one."

    After many trials a tribulations server is finally up and running

    Sal: " ite…im gonna head out…"

  38. does entity speed work on that server?

  39. CPUniverse says:

    What plugins do you use?