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What is a Domain Controller? | JumpCloud Video

Domain controllers are effectively the gatekeepers of your IT network, and are particularly relevant with respect to the Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD) platform. However, domain controllers represent the old way of doing things in many ways. Fortunately, the JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service® platform can effectively eliminate the need for an on-prem domain controller, and AD altogether, in favor of a comprehensive, cloud-based directory services platform.

Contact a member of our team at https://jumpcloud.com/contact to learn more about domain controllers, and to see how JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service can shift your entire identity management infrastructure to the cloud. You can also sign up for a free account at https://jumpcloud.com/signup or schedule a demo at https://jumpcloud.com/demo to see our platform in action. Your first ten users are free forever!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more JumpCloud videos. Check out the following resources to learn more about domain controllers:

Definition of Domain Controller: https://jumpcloud.com/blog/definition-of-domain-controller/
Virtual Domain Controller:

Virtual Domain Controller


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