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Visual Basic (VB) Tutorial – 10.1 – Client/Server Communication [TutorialGenius.com]

Visual Basic Tutorial from TutorialGenius.com and GinkoSolutions.com.


This course teaches you VB from the absolute basics to advanced topics of the subject. The course consists of 10 Chapters and 40 Tutorials for your learning pleasure. After watching this series of video tutorials, you will be able to apply your VB knowledge to any VB-Orientated project, weather it is for business or personal use.

Please visit the website to submit any feedback/questions you have regarding these tutorials. You can also purchase the course on the website and have it delivered online or directly to your door. This includes high quality videos, exercise files, custom course viewer and much more!

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4 Responses

  1. Very cool! nice video tutorial….

  2. moh. ali says:

    How can this application form EXE storage? And works on another device?

  3. AyaM Sakata says:

    the voice is late, give's me a hard time understanding it,, none the less,, great tutorial.. thanks, suitable for beginners like me 🙂

  4. MetalSlug says:

    Very good video! thanks for uploading! does this support multiple clients though? just wandering 🙂