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Today my friend and I dress up as Janitors on Arsenal and CLEAN UP servers…
Ricky: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSwhxxhb4UBNTyOu7hSgvUA

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35 Responses

  1. RedTrux says:

    Is it possible to instant-kill every person you see with any gun? Even the gun that deals the least damage?

  2. Kitty Moss says:

    1:07 that bit looks like he saying ghetto ratatatatat

  3. Me:Bandites join the server

    Me:this is gonna be awful

    Also me:punch the computer

  4. Bandites:sweeps the server

  5. Why does every video I watch go from 780p to 240p in a second?

  6. Bandites: Im a janitor!
    principal: your fired.

  7. oteri okolo says:

    You really CLEANED some heads off

  8. Hey I play Arsenal too but I haven't played it for a while.

  9. 7:04
    Teacher:kids what is this
    Classmates:golden mop
    Me:noodles in sticks

  10. I love that map it's to good

  11. Clean my bathroom plz

  12. Elena B. says:

    “Clean up on ais-“

    Bandits: done

  13. Bang's Jale says:

    Your plays x box or computer

  14. Cwc Pz Topic says:

    Hey I Bought your UGC Hat 🙂

  15. Who realizes the golden janitor mop is a pee mop??

  16. JJ_Waike vs bandites pls

  17. Kazi says:

    if a get robux on my brithday i will buy ur utg item ily no homo

  18. l saw a hack in arsenal

  19. If you don’t win the game, the video ends.

    -mobile arsenal

  20. Skiddoz says:

    can we 1v1? please

  21. IAM likan says:

    Good Gob All Goooood Good Like

  22. Caseroony copyed your video!!!

  23. I dare you to win a game of Arsenal without dying once. If you die, you have to quit the game and rejoin a new one, or something like that.

  24. AJ Serrato says:

    Mop is legendary?

  25. Bryce Mcnett says:

    When u get the golden mop

    John: pee mop

    You: ok

  26. Rolblox Girl says:

    Omg no way I was on your server

  27. TDS Sandy says:

    This is a clean video

  28. Liam Taylor says:

    Bro kill affects on arsenal wont workin for me.

  29. Finn Powers says:

    I’m really bad with bow