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Trolling with a CLAY GOLEM on my Minecraft Server!

Trolling Players with the CLAY GOLEM on my Minecraft Server! w/RGA Gaming! Join My Discord Server ▸ http://bit.ly/RGADiscord Play with me on my …

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10 Responses

  1. The sign at the end saying Doni on it killed me tbh

  2. what is RGA's po box?

  3. what is RGA's p.o box?

  4. Progamer8624 says:

    Imagine not having optifine

  5. Of course u will do this video but I love it keep up the hard work

  6. Linkperez says:

    1) Nice goose pen! (my unused island is just 300 blocks from yours)
    2) So is the real reason you and Mac have been opening new servers just so that you have new places/players to troll? lol jk I'm just messing around. However, I do suggest that you go to the reset Factions server and mess with a faction (I'd love it if you have at least 2 players in the area (whether they'd be mining or at their base) so that you can get multiple players reacting to the troll)