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The four times the Netherlands hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 🇳🇱

The 2020 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will mark the fifth time The Netherlands will host the competition. The country hosted in 1958, 1970, 1976 and 1980.

If you want to know more about the Eurovision Song Contest, visit https://eurovision.tv

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39 Responses

  1. Jonie Uvero says:

    Let us hope some year in the future, Eurovision will not only be for countries that is in the continent of europe but for the countries of the world

  2. Hafizh WK says:

    I have a feeling that France or Denmark will win next year. At least, one of the big 5 countries will win in 2020s decade.

  3. Deleted says:

    3:27 eyyy yugoslavia in the back of the points good old days

  4. N D says:

    Morocco please return again in the Netherlands

  5. Isn’t they forgot Teddy Scholten?

  6. Maxkerst says:

    Waarom is dit niet gewoon in AMSTERDAM

  7. SENN ! says:

    Wie is hollander

  8. Seth Leoric says:

    I'm not even European or israeli and still i like this

  9. Fakka Nederlandse koeken

  10. Yoav Levy says:

    That was a great review !

  11. 4:07 it was 44 years but ok im dutch and im going to the final and im so excited

  12. John Wiggel says:

    When you come to the netherlands eat a frikandelbroodje

  13. Alex Carlsen says:

    Wonderful video!!

  14. Jesper :D says:

    Whaha, goud. Alle Nederlandse woorden spreekt die gast echt goed uit. Stiekem is ie gewoon Hollandsch.

  15. Onur Ozdemir says:

    Morocco was great
    I want to burn the juries of 1980

  16. ESCPlusJR says:

    The first time Netherlands hosted the ESC 1958 One of the most successful ESC County Sweden. Love love peace peace

  17. DarkNinja141 says:

    The guy in the audience at 4:00 looks like the old man from the movie “UP”

  18. I’m proud to be dutch now

  19. nadirhajjour says:

    Poor Katja Ebstein. Went to the Netherlands in 1970 and became 3rd behind Ireland. 10 years later she defended Germany once again in the Netherlands and came 2nd.. behind Ireland once again.

    She also came 3rd in 1971.

  20. Romée : says:

    I've learned more from this video then from my history lessons on school

  21. Jordi says:

    Hope to see you all in Rotterdam!

  22. Denise says:

    That last sentence is bullshit, we literally hosted the Junior Eurovision in 2007 in Rotterdam, THAT’S YOUR OWN CONTEST FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

  23. bart sijmens says:

    Next year Ukraine is going to win
    BTW I'm dutch!

  24. Hope the winner of esc 2020 will be a country that never won the contest

  25. RD says:

    Uhmmm ralf mackenbach????

  26. Gaar says:

    I Will like to soon see a country that have not won before, maybe 2020?

    And it chocks me that these 3 dont have jet.
    1: Iceland
    2: Poland
    3: Romania

    But i Think if Czuch keeping their road they have now, they will have a good chance to.

  27. Pastas says:

    Though the only thing you will find in rotterdam is an example of how globalism can destroy a nation

  28. Dvir Cell says:

    Israel havent been in 1980 not because the Holocaust memorial Day it was diffrent day

  29. It would be very cringe if Ireland wins again

  30. Boxy Bob says:

    Could anyone please tell me how to say "he is dutch" in dutch ?

  31. Volare was the first foreign song to be number one on the US billboard hot 100.

  32. Euro Sanja says:

    looking for a good show)

  33. RayPosSiable says:

    Rip Netta Toy.

  34. Finley ESC says:

    i’m already having post Eurovision depression

  35. Next year the winner will be one of the above: Ireland, United Kingdom,Switzerland, Czech republic

  36. The Netherlands hosted the 25th edition and now they're gonna host the 65th too!

  37. Really nice songs. New follower here. Lets stay connected. Tq

  38. Adil Karadza says:

    So many fun facts. Love it!