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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – VFX Breakdown by Digital Domain (2008)

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button vfx Breakdown
Special Effects by Digital Domain

Tells the story of Benjamin Button, a man who starts aging backwards with bizarre consequences.

Some of the best and most funniest movie moments happen behind the scenes. FilmIsNow Movie Extras channel gives you the latest and best behind the scenes footage, bloopers, interviews, featurettes, deleted/alternate scenes. We give you the before, during and after that goes into making movies.

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19 Responses

  1. David Heller says:

    Does the hair actually cut?

  2. David Heller says:

    What is possible now?

  3. David Heller says:

    Why they make him a midget?

  4. Hey good morning today's a wonderful day

  5. spacekitt3n says:

    brad is a great actor wow

  6. what is the name of this
    gorgeous lady at 4:57 ?

  7. Jonathan says:

    Wow amazing animation tecnologies

  8. BombDame says:

    Seems like they added a bit of something. Brads always got the same look on his face

  9. Smash Shane says:

    It's crazy to see how far technology's come through the years. And these are my favorite parts of technology. Whenever I see any sort of impressive visual work in any sci fi or fantasy film, they make me believe the impossible can be achieved.

  10. ajay sabale says:

    So he didn't actually perform in those locations? It was just replacement of his facial expressions. Tell me if i m wrong, i haven't yet seen the movie, but excited to see it.

  11. tina fry says:

    interesting but Brad Pitt was not the only actor playing that part..there were 3 other actors playing the adult part in that film…

  12. Dadadadadawn says:

    0:50 that's fukn scary

  13. al Walid says:

    technology nowday..

  14. now I want to see the version with the original actor.

  15. Well now I have to see the movie again 😛

  16. Michelle K says:

    that must've been a very interesting process of filming