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TF Blade | Finishing Placements in TR Server

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⭐ Editor: Tsuni

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TsuniEditing

Thumbnail: Aliex

Outro song: Josh A – NO SHIMA

Thanks for watching! 😀

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34 Responses

  1. eXsuwai says:

    7:14 Hey guys sorry for the noob question, how does he attack when his cursor is not ON the enemy champion?

  2. Useless says:

    what's the ost paying at around 4:50?

  3. Fck you tf blade tr server > tf blade

  4. Danh Vong says:

    I saw his mouse in one place and dash to another place, sometime he does not even click on the minion but he still Q into it, he has hotkey or something?

  5. the fact that when he click/skill is not the same its because he is streaming window mode maybe? just maybr

  6. If in Turkey server someone playing nunu %100 he is troll

  7. Nunu abim bgyli be yürü aslanım

  8. Quyen Truong says:

    TF sever vietnamese?

  9. LQ Khang says:

    The Predator laptop and it lagged??

  10. Anıl Furkan says:

    Biri şu videoya türkçe çeviri yapsın mk

  11. Về máy chủ Việt Nam chơi đi anh
    Em đố anh top 1 đấy =v

  12. I still waiting u in SG server.. I will not miss every stream moment

  13. Ben Parker says:

    Funny thing is the outro is to do with a bo3 zombies map

  14. Pls turkis translate

  15. This guy will never be rank one in Vietnam server:)

  16. ENİS GAMER says:

    welcome tr server

  17. Tr'de rank 1 ol götüme kola şişesi sokucam

  18. 邵政揚 says:

    If you see closer can see that tf blade’s mouse is not precise

  19. Shiro Noda says:

    Go KR Server please 😉

  20. Daniel Grimm says:

    Untill up 1st on RU… Not reached! (

  21. Kemal Yeniay says:

    blade'in akrabaları Türkiye'de mi yaşıyormuş


  23. Can someone tell me pls why we see his curser on the different place than it really clics?

  24. SPARTAN says:

    This server is like stealing a lolipop from a baby. The real cancer is EUNE. God damn these people….

  25. Phát Bùi says:

    I challenge you got rank 1 in sever Viet Nam

  26. Fruit 12 says:

    turkey is the easiest region to get rank 1

  27. cox _ says:

    Boostatu' pulii

  28. Daro says:

    go play euw u cant take rank 1

  29. MT Music says:

    You will hard to reach rank 1 in VietNam server even how good you are

  30. 4:15 , 7:24 no need to show us what u did there we can see. ur paying too much to the editor for nothing

  31. Oh Yeah Yeah says:

    How does he have that little ping on TR server

  32. He cant climb Rank 1 in tr server.its too hard for him i think

  33. Vũ Bạch says:

    Can you please Vietnam rank experience?