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so my friends absolutely DESTROYED this minecraft server…

In this video we absolutely destroy the Minecraft server we used to play Pixelmon.

Mikey: https://www.youtube.com/user/MiqzahGames
Mason: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnBnm7aLxlopchweSxa3mw


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49 Responses

  1. you got gnomed at 9:30

  2. Killimonjou says:

    ah I’m sure it’ll buff right out

  3. Mr. Smile says:

    W u t d a n u t s

  4. Cyan Cian says:

    Bro I was clenching so hard during WWIII, that shit scared me

  5. Ethan Isayas says:

    Like this if JOKO has the best donation reader

  6. that on fire polywhirl sprinting at me will be in my nightmares

  7. pakdude x says:

    Joko you can /heal btw

  8. This video actually stressed me out

  9. BlueMan says:

    u can ride ur pokemon joko

  10. man boy says:

    if only pokemon had more explosive demolition in it, then it'd be really good.
    i am a foreign investor and i have a pile of bombs.

  11. Joe S says:


  12. danny reds69 says:

    Please do more

  13. Elijah Small says:

    Joko quoting 100 gecs lol

  14. i am glad to say that i watched this event live while doing my theatre homework.

  15. 0:44 How dare you ignore your one and only god, Furret.

  16. DICKY ass: level 69

  17. well im sad i was excited for this kinda content looks like its not gonna continue

  18. End of smpixelmon

  19. Liam McKessy says:

    No, sorry Joko I wasn’t on the server

  20. tofu png says:


    have a good day :>

  21. kelsea rose says:

    mason says acab

  22. Redsy says:

    They play Pokemon-No.
    Best joke of the century.

  23. Oreo says:


  24. Lan Hikari says:

    Hi Joker (2019) HD CAM RIP 720p HiNdI SUBS this is a good video Please make more pixelmon videos

  25. “You owe me a bike”
    Ah, i see we are now RPing the anime

  26. Running a marathon in a rough part of town be like

  27. Miqzah says:

    I blame mason

  28. 6:55 "Diance?"

    You absolute fool

  29. A goblin stole the bike

  30. KHOKH 69 says:

    big mother of two big children

  31. joko is terror and destruction incarnate

  32. Mc Wok says:

    Love you joko and keep up the work

  33. Kenz ie says:

    It’s okay u will always be more sexy rich and handsome and sexy and rich

  34. Elinor O says:

    The dislikes are the goblins angry that they got checked

  35. Schiz says:

    15:30 oh my god he blew up church

  36. skippi 99r says:

    I got gummy worms wish me luck

  37. M B says:

    the oldest anarchy server in minecraft

  38. OwO says:

    Live footage of World War III

  39. Ur Boi says:

    Got the [redacted] drip yall already know what's up

  40. Schiz says:

    Something something "the five stages of grief"

  41. ALOH says:

    Pokenmon more like poopymon hahaha me funny hahaha ps.fuck you pps. Just kidding ppps.GIVE ME THEM TOES