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Ramacademy Awards Hosted by John Johnson and Sarina Morales

Rams safety John Johnson and team reporter Sarina Morales host the first ever Ramacademy Awards!

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9 Responses

  1. You guys do such a great job and I know a lot of effort goes into these videos so please keep going you guys! Everyone was great!! Thank you very much and 2020 is going to be our season in the new HOUSE!!!

  2. I just wish you showed the new logo and jerseys

  3. i think 9:00 is my favorite part of this whole video

  4. Sojo R says:

    Johnny Hekker let me get that Gary Payton throw back jersey you have please.

  5. TheAnderstv says:

    This is corky and fun as hell

  6. Ascend Bmo says:

    love the rams! Hopefully they are champs in 2020 I . have hopes.

  7. Bob Builder says:

    I love u guys my dream is to meet u rams players