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OTHER LIVING ROOM TO HIDE In Sewage Domain in BEAR (Alpha) – Roblox

By Bandicam Screen Recorder (https://www.bandicam.com)

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18 Responses

  1. Ugh….i hate these players that wanna appear in ur video…..they dont even give space to you, you should play in a private server Ryan, they need learn to respect your space bro :T

  2. I know in this map hide and we're spawns bear and survirvors

  3. Hello im TOMASLAVAYEN

  4. f f says:

    thank you for adding me as a friend!
    and Yes, the video is good ᄒᴥᄒ

  5. eh i thought i already know all of them-

  6. Perkz YT says:

    0:51 Give me the che-se

  7. Xitrus 2 says:

    Im the rainbow person XD

  8. Hey Ryan I was in your game and jason

  9. Rec About Ur "OP" Item

  10. Come on did plays roblox is not in ther

  11. Ngl bear is the easiest game as survivor like bears have sooo many disadvantages that people dont use and instead use all their sprint which is the last thing you want to do as you want to keep saving and use a little bit of your sprint as bear gets way too close

    (Edit)Not to brag or anything me and my friends are possibly the best survivors in all bear we know how to trick bears and juke them out make them waste their entire time

  12. Parece la misma XD

  13. alex andro says:

    Wow this map has so many secrets of all the other maps :0