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NEW 120TB SERVER UNBOXING 🐙 Jellyfish by Lumaforge

Why is it called a Jellyfish Server? https://lumaforge.com/jellyfish
Lumaforge Jellyfish Tower: https://www.apple.com/us_smb_78313/shop/product/HM4P2LL/A/lumaforge-120tb-jellyfish-tower-4k-shared-storage-solution
Lumaforge on YouTube: http://youtube.com/lumaforge
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🎶 MUSIC I USE – https://goo.gl/Pe7GTL


Snapchat: iJustine

► WHAT I USE TO MAKE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRCngWau2GE

Sony a7 III: http://geni.us/UHuO6A
Sony a7S II: http://geni.us/B1tYeKZ
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens: http://geni.us/MhAPNE
Rx100 V: http://geni.us/ZVGoJ
GoPro Hero 7: http://geni.us/uxuU1
Insta 360 One X: http://geni.us/8tEtxK
Rx0: http://geni.us/BoXwFGr
Memory Card: http://geni.us/zuulPoA

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39 Responses

  1. Syed Saleh says:

    Linus build his 1 petabytes Server for $60,000…. bruh

  2. iJustine just got some respect points for liking Tool.

  3. Boktorinator says:

    This thing is a massive ripoff

  4. Ming Chan says:

    Looking at the comments and needed to check twice one which channel I actually was…

  5. Why u gotta do linus like that. He made a better one with more storage

  6. Jose Castro says:

    Why would you not use a switch???

  7. esperCELL says:

    you people are a bunch of naive brats. iJustine makes video, Linus makes videos and they have done their part in the past and moved on. This is just another video that she made and thats about it. You dont even know if she paid it in full or its just an advertising. In the end of the day, iJustine and Linus gets all the views and profits while you idiots is hating in the corner lmao

  8. Learned FCP 5 then 6 and finally 7 when X came out it was such a massive rewrite that I jumped ship. I absolutely hated the interface and workflow then I went straight to Adobe Premiere and never went back. Atleast, not as my primary NLE, also taught myself After Effects because the Apple Motion VFX solution was laughable let’s be honest. Never taught myself Maya and I wish I knew it

  9. i looked at the prices for the jellyfish and ,to someone like myself who has yet to start a channel, that sounds Hugely expensive
    and i think that there Needs to be Cheaper options for Running a Team based server

  10. icd_ gamer says:

    what have you done????

  11. she should make makeup tutorials!

  12. What about Linus’s server?

  13. Cylurian says:

    I'm not sure if I can afford $40K to buy one of these!

  14. 0:01 Though that was the old Mac Pro in the left corner.

  15. Johnny P says:

    Here after the Mac Pro unboxing bc it doesn’t have sufficient storage for her so she’s gonna transfer that footage to the jellyfish

  16. Aaron says:

    40,000 for a server is a rip off and if you consider yourself a tech YouTuber you are a joke for blowing money on something like that, but you are a apple tech YouTuber so low grade IQ is expected in that field.

  17. FR3DXD QC says:

    Linus has left the chat

  18. David Weaver says:

    You're awesome

  19. yo any1 realises the she put an actopus emoji in the video tile and its actually a jelly fish !!! :):):):)


  21. Sciae says:

    Linus has unfriended you.

  22. Hexen Jager says:

    After linus video
    "Top ten anime betrayals of all time"

  23. The setup and operation of this is amazing. About a decade ago, we had an Avid Unity ISIS (right?) system. It was so complex. Two PCs plus the storage. Maintenance and use was practically a full or partial-time job. This is light years ahead in simplicity. Congrats! That’s a very cool thing to have.

  24. Toti xy says:

    Tipp: Throw all HDDs away and put in SSDs 😀

  25. Go buy a tesla instead smh..

  26. WD green harddisk for server…?

  27. Iain Munro says:

    Turn it upside down, then lift the box off.

  28. Elliott Salt says:

    Y IS THIS PUNY SERVER ON MI SCREEN? bc Linus made a better one for cheaper

  29. 123 456 says:

    Spends 40 grand on a server
    Linus “you’re gunna regret that”

  30. TheCj71984 says:

    here for the Linus comments

  31. Fisher Leung says:

    but can you ship me the linus made server? i need it lol.

  32. Fisher Leung says:

    actually if you don't mind money, then it's perfectly okay to get this server. using what many big studios use

  33. Blonde discovering server that all reading exist all the time, but she paid more….. ridiculus….. what if he meet the 3Par Technology……

  34. Filetbanger says:

    Everyone disliked that

  35. y is a last little bit of the vidoe all about ur editing timeline from og youtube to now?

  36. GL IÇ says:

    Didn't you have a 150tb server?

  37. Kyle K says:

    I get that there is 2118 comments whining about choice in hardware, but is iJustine Australian? It just seems like she might need to be talked into using a smaller knife for boxes. She looks ready to say "Thats not a knife, THIS is a knife" at any point.