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Naomi Kyle's Hosting Advice – We Have Cool Friends

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Naomi Kyle makes her Kinda Funny debut to talk about her new show and life in LA!

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19 Responses

  1. Naomi Kyle is awesome!!!

  2. Greg looks thin! Keep it up if that’s the goal, Greg! Looking good

  3. The best part about Naomi Kyle is, she is still hot and stunning looking.

  4. love how she plugs kyle (who you should absolutely follow on twitter) they are the best

  5. Not sure who her fiancee is, Kyle who?

  6. You guys are cool together 🙂

  7. Andrew Melki says:

    Can someone tell me why Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Smith are on the wall if they aren't friends with anyone on the show? Seems weirdly out of place.

  8. SbubbyJubby says:

    Would love to see more former ign employees, like Jessica Chobot. Would love to hear what theyre up to and how theyre doing.

  9. WHAT YEAR IS IT??!!

  10. TehSmithy says:

    I feel like Colin would be a fitting guest for this show but it’s never gonna happen :/

  11. Add her to the team.

  12. Cliff H says:

    Naomi Kyle miss you at IGN

  13. Pablo Ovalle says:

    I love Naomi 🙂

  14. RomeoKidTV says:

    Naomi for kinda funny another 12 hour fundraiser we will do it

  15. I miss AotS :(…..alot

  16. myob2dac says:

    i haven't seen her since you left IGN

  17. Lexcalibur says:

    Watched this live, but just wanted to say this was such a good watch. Really interesting hearing them talk about their career trajectory’s.

  18. MR.DC COMICS says:

    Wow. Naomi Kyle is were she belongs.