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NameCheap Domain Name Registrar Tutorial 2016 – NameCheap Hosting Simply Explained – Youtube

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5 Responses

  1. Space 00 says:

    Namecheap.com stolen 3 domain names ( http://www.evereducation.com, http://www.everflowers.com, http://www.evermd.com) from us even we renewed them on time on October 28th 2017. We have email receipts of the payments and also we never received any emails that something was wrong with the renewal of our domains. We owned these domain names since 2000!!! We looked at our account on January 31th, 2018 and the domain names were gone!!! One of the domain names http://www.evereducation.com is listed for sale for $2750 on hugedomains.com right now!!! http://Www.cheapnames.com are the worst thieves, con artists and should be taken out of business and stopped from stealing more domains from people. Also their mobile website doesn't work…you can't see what you type even this the only way to communicate with them since they don't have phone number or physical address listed on their website. It's the worst nightmare to deal with them!! We filed the complaint report with ICANN against http://www.namecheap.com. We will post updates about our fight to get our domains back!!! Please don't buy our domains from http://www.hugedomains.com because they were stolen from us and we want them back. Thank you.

  2. NAMECHEAP has got to be the worst customer service I have ever experienced and this is why I transferred my hosting to Inmotion. Harrassment from the legal department suspending my account for overuse out of my control and poor overall customer service as the company is based in Ukraine

  3. prog man says:

    honestely i would like to start with namecheap because they have a reasonable prices i hope to find service verry good like there prices

    thanks for the video hope the best for you bro