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Na/Eu Server High Tier Toxicity Season 9 / Identity V

All I’m gonna say and share is included in the video. I didn’t want to expose any players and I always try to make this channel out of the drama. This channel was only made to upload educative and fun gameplay, but this issue has been affecting many players that I have to address it and speak up. Also, they seem pretty nice on John/Blue’s stream. Not being a Youtuber/Not being popular doesn’t mean you can be treated like that.

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18 Responses

  1. Mumu says:

    Please don't send hate comments to anyone. I only exposed and made a video because it's becoming an issue commonly in high tier. We don't want to return toxicity with toxicity. As I said at the end of the video, be kind always ❤️
    This is the last time that I bring up the topic again. No tea or drama on this channel anymore. Hope you guys have fun in-game and enjoy watching my gameplays ✨

  2. im willing to raid if that means it triggers them or makes them depressed as fuck(i know its mean but they fucking deserve it)
    new discord ban server record lol

  3. MIST_AKES says:

    Never thought FUNV and her friend would do this.. no hate or anything sort of thing similarly to that but..

  4. Man…childish players like that funv are so annoying and stupid but anyways, it happens in every online game

  5. RachyRK says:

    I always saw them play from johzhoa and blurace live. I didnt expect them very toxic o.o wow this video proves it

  6. Nazir Sarden says:

    i haveplayed aginst allfor one before he was nice

  7. LY HaruHaru says:

    why do you still save them, I would have left them to die lol

  8. Y33TH2O mix says:

    You could just not save them and decode instead so you'll get at least a tie

  9. PurpaleNames says:

    I actually experienced a really messed up and manipulated match before. So I was teamed up with three randoms and two of them seem to both be in DQ, considering how they both have it in their username. They both speak Chinese and said something about not rescuing. I was confused and asked why in English because I can lol. Game starts and the other random dies and no one goes to rescue besides me. Hunter goes after me and I get chaired. No one comes and I end up dying. Went to spectate and the hunter just let one of them stun them over and over again. They didn't even hit them or anything. I was so pissed off, since they were practically cheating smh.

  10. Severe Storm says:

    respect for mumu, and yes don't go spreading hate on someone bc they were immature over a video game that has no impact on our lives honestly. Some of the toxic people can turn out to be kinda fine irl tbh, we cannot really tell who a person is over the internet. All it takes for now is to have someone respectfully talk with them about it if they're fine with it. Just enjoy the game for now >;3

  11. Red Rosa says:

    Whatever happened to learning the game and trying your best . I think some players are doing it in low tier too ; never played with those two but it’s very sad to see high tier players doing that, when you looked up to them and wanna be high on the leaderboard just like they are only to find out they’re cheating and making the game awful for everyone else.

  12. Email
    [email protected]service.netease.com
    Link the video and put screenshots if you have them and give the ID's:
    Helena's ID:2176102
    FUNV's ID:7587784

    That's the best way to get anything done, also mention that FUNV is a moderator on the official Facebook, concidering this she shouldn't keep that position.

  13. Cel says:

    Ugh, it's very annoying to see them playing like this. I thought better of Funv because I looked up to her videos etc., and i think i saw it several times on stream that they went like doctor & explorer or something else just to throw, but it's cute from AFO & Nobody that they gave you a tie/dungeon

  14. Yixuan Liu says:

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  15. FernFeather says:

    What is their ID number so I can contact NetEase

  16. Naokii says:

    I feel sad because even if we wanted to, there's no actual reason to report them into the game (at least I don't remember having an option for "toxic gameplay" or something like that)

  17. why dont you report them?
    or maybe you reported but still have no answer for NE

  18. Oh my, is this THE Facebook moderator that doesn’t even follow the official server’s rules? Interesting~

    I’m not surprised tho, my experience with high tiers have always been negative. Better to stay hound and chill thn play with these immature human beings.