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My discord server was deleted by discord and DELETED

I didn’t even do anything lol.

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32 Responses

  1. Izlemder says:

    The reason of the ban? Well…

    T O A S T E R S

  2. Puncake says:

    Discord: i’m about to do a pro gamer move

  3. Wait, I thought that your ass banned me. Well damn, YandereDev is kinda butthurt, isn't he?

  4. Berni says:

    YandereDev is deleting all chalice and criticism comments on his videos, and keeping the praising ones lmaoooo

  5. Vito says:

    Ever since the first one was deleted I just learned never to join your discord

  6. deltakatzu_ says:

    Discord consumed the coom chalice

  7. No wonder why I was kicked

  8. Even Ebin says:

    No wonder, discord is run by pedophiles

  9. Puss X says:

    I thougt i was banned from your server, but reality is even worse

  10. Ryuji says:

    I thought i got banned lol

  11. Nevoreo says:

    damn i thought you banned me

  12. It's probably because of the "YandereDev server raid" video
    Discord is very restrict with things related to raid.

  13. Nutters says:

    I was there for 1 day and bam it's gone

  14. “My discord server was deleted by discord and DELETED”

  15. Bismarck says:

    what's your backup

  16. hikibum says:

    noooooo you can't just harass the yandeverino

  17. HeyItsPanos says:

    jeez and i was in ur chat a few hours ago lol. fuck yandere dev and discord honestly

  18. MinaSoyMilk says:


  19. reorseX says:

    I can only imagine how much time and money yandev put into making discord to do this.

  20. Fresh_Knight says:

    I was only there for like 2 days, rip

  21. Prizm says:

    make a new one

  22. Sakone says:

    It smells like SNITCH in heeeere
    yeah yandev's udder suckers definitely caused that

  23. Spook3d says:

    I was there, it was the CP my guy. 100%. If you say the full word insta ban

    Btw give new server link to me first

  24. Just shows how butthurt YandereDev and his fans are.

  25. Isana UwU says:

    What a unique valentines day

  26. god dammit one of those rats did it i bet

  27. oto says:

    mom whens the new server coming out?