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32 Responses

  1. REVIEW UNRAILED! A hidden gem right there!!!!!

  2. MadHalo2009 says:

    hey mack you should try boneworks vr

  3. david bell says:

    Love a jordy roasting stuff.

  4. Hey mack please take a look at Kenshi! I'm sure others will agree with me that it's a unique game.

  5. Great monthly update old Mate!!!

  6. Good luck on the housing situation. I understand how important it is to stay near elderly parents

  7. If we all donate 5 pound (that's $50 AU) then Mack can bye the house he wants?

  8. TheMonk says:

    Mac, your fucking smart enough to know Wales, Scotland and ENDLAND are all British! Why the fuck are you saying english names are british but Welsh names are from Wales? Does england not exist? Bc every time you do it I cant help but hear a bell ringing!

  9. Ian Fyfe says:

    Best of luck with the house Mac

  10. Cenot4ph says:

    I'd like your take on Wolcen Mack, seems iike it could be interesting. A Diablo inspired game

  11. Mack what about the website that you were mentioning before, id like to watch the unedited videos that youtube dowesnt like, and also the videos thath you removed, like sims 4 and witcher 3

  12. Donald Falk says:

    Finally bought Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC and used your link. Thanks mate

  13. 5deadspace says:

    I've been waiting for you to get around to this game. Luckily it's a lot more stable than it was two months ago.

  14. Dave Bonski says:

    I've heard Thornley, where my grand parents lived for 50 years and raised me auld man back in the day is becoming 'an up n coming' area for young Durhamites to get on the ladder with affordable houses. Fond memories of the village as a kid…despite chavs nicking my grandparent's goldfish from the pond on a regular basis. House prices in Coxhoe about to increase with the new Amazon warehouse opening if you get in there double lively matey.

  15. Will we ever see your Mackscorner vids again man. I really miss watching them.

  16. Phil says:

    Good lad Edmond.

  17. e1337prodigy says:

    Houses where you are so cheap. £165k?
    Here in West London you can't even get a very small 1 bed flat for less than £250k and they are s**, rough areas, s** conditions etc

  18. Darth Raider says:

    Review Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on PC

  19. Darth Raider says:

    You’ll get a lot more kudos by destroying the evils of Nintendo in your videos and reviews. Too many idiots out there treating Nintendo like the Messiah of gaming.

  20. Moto andGivi says:

    haha ur right about me, british 😀

  21. gordy says:

    Mack some nice places in Washington.

  22. B Grant says:

    I watched this video and though of all the $hit games I avoid because of your reviews. So I ponied up a few bucks, hope it helps.

  23. ZephKin says:

    Aw… I missed the famed mack name mispronunciations. Good times….

  24. Peter Cairns says:

    I'm really excited for bannerlords, trying to get all my school stuff done in time so i can game freely when it releases.

  25. Slugcat says:

    The only reviewer that i trust, keep up the good work ,
    best wishes for you

  26. PJ Almighty says:

    H O N C C !!!


  27. Chiji says:

    Will mackscorner videos make a return?

  28. Chris Benn says:

    Ej… What?! Someone sent you a false donation?!?! 🙁

  29. Been a quiet Month, We missed ya Mack!

  30. Gene Reyva says:

    I wish the aussie said "Here's 20 didgeridollars"

  31. Andreas says:

    Best and most funny and most honest game reviewer on Youtube, and it's not even close.