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LIVE: Triggered! Hosted by Donald Trump, Jr. with Special Guest Ted Nugent

LIVE: Triggered! Hosted by Donald Trump, Jr. with Special Guest Ted Nugent Subscribe to RSBN for more LIVE streams and Breaking NEWS: …

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40 Responses

  1. Loretta H says:

    We need this in NM. Great job.

  2. jimmer hardy says:

    Red state v. blues state. It appears we're in a cold civil war. We've got American values, they do not. We will win.

  3. Mich. she is a liar stand up to her she has no power ! The Constitution stands tall she can’t stop the people !

  4. Tour with the return of TRUMP RALLYS.

  5. Disco Duck says:

    It’s true that Texas sees the rest of the nation as some foreign land run by tyrants. We stop this kind of nonsense at the water cooler and after church on Sunday. Wake up America we the people can decide our fate, not these wanna be Orwellian FACIST dictators we have in the north.

  6. Any law not covered by US constitutional law is not a US law. People may play it out like a law, but any non constitutional result of that 'play out' is another crime.

  7. Laurel says:

    GREAT interview. This is what men with actual testosterone looks like.

  8. Lets Get this show series on Sinclair Broadcast Group stations.

  9. Cassity ART says:

    Let’s make the Constitution legal again.

  10. There is a ticket Jr and Nugent.

  11. Sgt Reckless says:

    They hate America and the constitution they love slush funds though. Their favorite book is "Rules for Radicals"

  12. Sgt Reckless says:

    We need a EO prohibiting states demanding mandatory vaccines and mandatory contact tracking…its all about keeping people under their control, that's what Communist China does. I will not comply. Where is the ACLU…crickets!!

  13. Sgt Reckless says:

    DemonRats have gone off their rockers…power grabbing POS!!

  14. Ell-J T. says:

    I hope Don Jr. runs in 2024.

  15. Dirt Doctor says:

    Don Jr. – PLEASE be the next POTUS, 2024!

  16. jcnme2020 says:

    Love your Book "TRIGGERED" DON !

  17. K. M. says:

    I can REALLY Relate to what Ted is saying. Was raised that way, do not understand what is happening in the lower 48 with people,especially the left.

  18. jcnme2020 says:

    I Pray for PRESIDENT TRUMP and his Family and Our NATION !

  19. moon shadow says:

    That's right Boys!! I'm for good and nature. My dad was an avid Hunter, but I'm a gardener now 8n my later years. Thanks for the show; I truly enjoyed it

  20. icy dawn says:

    How did we go peacefully into shut down? My daughter & her family never did, they’ve even flown to AZ 2nd home swimming & sunshine

  21. icy dawn says:

    Ted look up Operation Paperclip before it’s removed…that thing that has taken a Nazi stance in MI needs to be physically removed, do it anyway! Why are they releasing criminals & arresting mothers trying to feed their children?

  22. Ann Tinnin says:

    I refuse to be only hungry on dates that wildlife departments say is ok for me to hunt, after I've gotten a registered gun, and bought a hunting license. That's no different than food banks only allowing a person to come get 2 days of food once a month on a designated date chosen for them. After the have registered at the food bank like they have to do at food stamp offices. Feeding oneself should not require a license and certain dates.

  23. Furry Dogs says:

    This was Excellent!

  24. Don Jr. and special guest Ted Nugent , that was a great TRIGGERED epesode . How can you top this one. … ?


  26. Jose Ortiz says:

    Say it twice my brother.!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jose Ortiz says:

    Ted , you rock!!!!!!!

  28. Jose Ortiz says:

    Ted nugent is 72 years old, how old is sleepy Joe ?

  29. Paora Dasa says:

    Wow, so cool to see and hear Ted Nugent on your show Donald.
    God bless you all and God bless America! Wwg1wga

  30. Shinhwa Lee says:

    Don Jr. for President in 2024

  31. kate kissick says:

    Thanks guys very uplifting

  32. Sean P. says:


  33. kate kissick says:

    ok Don Jr. Florida needs to give out either more doe tags or have more days available….my brother has stage 4prostate cancer and he loves to hunt and he is telling me about all this. I may even have to start going hunting with him, but my word it would be worth everything for him to have a great hunting experience before it's too late.

  34. That was Awesome – I didn't know Ted was Born in 1948 That is impressive he looks better than I do I was born in1955 Now I feel bad LOL

  35. har tavor says:

    Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up, you fooled us once donald

  36. kate kissick says:

    is this legal…lol

  37. Sabine says:

    We need a presidential order saying the CONSTITUTION shall be upheld in all 50 states. No more restrictiins no masks enforced in public, no distancing. Let people choose their own.

  38. jo Qlady says: