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39 Responses

  1. ibn001 #### says:

    2:13 you can tell she likes that…..

  2. Mati Mati says:

    Ale masz cyce

  3. Versatile says:

    You know she wants to ride JJ once

  4. Tee Clarkeee says:

    React Aitch – war Russ diss

  5. React to millions by ksi


  7. Kin6_Zenvo says:

    Bad little vibe is the most underrated song of the album but the best

  8. Eirik Moen says:

    React to lil skies new songs

  9. You are really gorgeous!

    Try reacting to Juke – Story Mode you'll gonna like it

  10. Lucaxx says:

    react to millions

  11. Akil Butt says:

    React to millions and Killa Killa!!!

  12. kelly richle says:

    React to will jonyer lucas pisssssssss

  13. Wouter Smit says:

    This album was mad.

  14. That’s my favourite fucking song ahhhhh shittt I’m fucking gassed

  15. Those lights on your wall are interesting, do they change colour???

  16. Rio Hough says:

    listen the bad lil vibe

  17. OrienKeon says:

    bad lil vibe fucking BANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGS

  18. L. Vlad says:

    What was your insta?

  19. Danzo says:

    react to killa killa and millionsss

  20. Sandu Grosu says:

    React to Cap pls

  21. saintxo says:


  22. Saul Sampson says:

    Got to react to killa killa and millions

  23. Young esey says:

    You’re more than just your body seems you have a good heart ❣

  24. ZARBA TV says:

    Сиськи клёвые

  25. hard to watch the vid with one hand ngl

  26. Why am I so distracted?

  27. Listen Juicy WRLD "Robbery" please

  28. Ramiro Lopez says:

    Anyone else saw the bug crawling on the wall

  29. Navi Hira says:

    I'm sorry great reaction but I HATE PEOPLE who pause right at the beat drop 2:55

  30. Eminem- Stepdad
    Eminem- Leaving heaven
    Bad meets evil- Welcome to hell
    Bad meets evil- I’m on everything
    Eminem- yah yah
    Eminem- Cinderella man
    Yelawolf feat. Eminem- Best friend
    Drake feat. Kanye west, lil Wayne, Eminem- Forever
    Eminem- bagpipes from Bagdad
    And Eminem got even more songs than that, like over 100+

  31. Alok Orton says:

    Ksi is killin right now

  32. react to Onefour – Say it again ft ASAP Ferg

  33. Como presta atenção no vídeo desse jeito n da BB

  34. Haimin 123 says:

    This is more of a titty showcase than a reaction… I love it and its still ramadhan..

  35. lim3alim b says:

    React to killa killa

  36. Anthony Paul says:

    I love ksi song