FatCow Plan for $3.15/mo. only


This video is old and the server in unfortunately no longer online.

I got a mcpe realms server!!!! NO JOKE

It’s an official one hosted by Mojang not some kind of web site that makes junk servers that crash!

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23 Responses

  1. my name is NicoAdam0708

  2. hi can I join? lol new subscriber

  3. What is even the name and details of the server?!

  4. PhAsE Xtra says:

    little lizard

  5. lol this server is off now xD

  6. What is the name and IP address

  7. its not even working

  8. whats the server name the port and the ip address

  9. Noel Ruiz says:

    Wats da sever

  10. John Ken says:

    is hack able

  11. John Ken says:

    do we have to login

  12. it is 0.14.0 version join now

  13. My minecraft username is GirlyGamer0307

  14. What is the ip and port

  15. Far Shid says:

    I'm going to join my user name is funnybunnyheliya

  16. Tayla says:

    SKYCRAFT new 0.14.0 survival faction server. Includes…..
    – brand new castle like spawn
    – lots of cool fun games/parkour/maze/pvp/ and more..
    – fun and friendly staff
    – free mine
    – lots of commands/plugins
    – survival factions

    ip: c12812/leet.cc
    port: 12812

  17. Cedric F. says:

    name is swager