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I Trolled the entire 2b2t Server

I Trolled the entire 2b2t Community, Hope you enjoy!

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34 Responses

  1. Lynix says:

    im ready for all the 2b2t player comments crying about this…

    hope you enjoy 😉

  2. Just put robots defending the fake base so they just fighte for being killed by an ai

  3. George K says:

    I knew it, nice try tho

  4. Malek Ben says:

    Do what you ever you want
    2b2t playerbase will hate you for ever idiot
    You will never be like salc1 or Barrendome

  5. Fade_Doop YT says:

    Why did you un sub from me lynix

  6. I KNEW IT. I guessed it right from the start

  7. I recognize that air, see you soon.

  8. Jorge2106 says:

    2b2t Reddit* no 2b2t lol

  9. Baron says:

    come on people let that legend reach 50k subs

  10. MaximzM says:

    are you bringing doni to the server!?

  11. James Hodder says:

    Bru that prank was epic. I mean like you tricked everyone including myself.

    But I mean very cheaky becuase it's an ezy way to get views

  12. I knew it wasn't hes real cords

  13. citizen_k says:

    Thats what I call an epic gamer move

  14. I swear to god if DONI the Duck Joins 2B2T!

  15. Mem0ry says:

    Aye fair enough

  16. Acani - says:

    Why the heck are people mad because you record 2b2t

  17. Acani - says:

    I Love These Videos

  18. BigBob says:

    Would you say its worth trying 2b for the first time in this day of age

  19. I laugh i cry i die i happy now cause this video

  20. Obama man says:

    Well at least of you accidentally leak your base in the future, noone will come lol

  21. Xeno says:

    Legit i just said this in his last video

  22. Big Daddy says:

    people that play singleplayer: i need a bed, i will go 5 blocks to get sheep.
    lynix on 2b2t: i need a bed, i will go 100k blocks to get a sheep.


  24. Rage says:

    I recognize those blinds behind you, be there soon

  25. VTPooks says:

    YOOOO! almost 50k! congrats for when you get 50k (the next 5min with my luck)

  26. Betts YT says:

    Hey lynix, make a video turning the nether highway into obsidian and then lighting it to make thousands of nether portals

  27. omg omg omg omg omg I saw your video about trolling doni! SHOW US THE VIDEOS OF YOU BEING THE HACKER AND TROLLING HIM PLEASE!!!!

  28. Rob C says:

    Oh shit Mr. Don't Bobes is coming

  29. Ifly2die says:

    Lynx has upgraded a troll ability

  30. K3ys3r_s0z3 says:

    So you trolled the reddit where its pretty well established that most of the people there don’t even play.

    Also the fake base troll Im pretty sure has been done but I don’t know. But please don’t act like 90% of us give a shit about you or what you are doing.

    For the one person who Im sure will point out the irony of my last sentence and Me commenting on this vid, blame YouTube algorithm.

  31. MAHAN says:

    U leaked ur IRL coords. see you soon