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I Tried 3 Random Skywars Servers..

are they good? or bad? find out to watch!!!

◣Join My Discord!: https://discord.gg/w98JbEv

◣Follow Me On Twitter!: https://twitter.com/AreuMadLoL

▞Music I use▚
█: Super Mario
█: Undertale

Server Ip(s): play.extremecraft.net, skywars.com, mineaqua.us:25565

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25 Responses

  1. LTXG_PT says:

    What is the resource pack????

  2. Can someone tell me what pack he uses in this vid?

  3. Annoyy says:

    “Find out to watch” in description, I think I need to go back to school to relearn English, I’ve had it wrong my whole life.


  5. FourtyVirus says:

    Find Out To Watch, yes.

  6. LedZedT says:

    hey, what if u played crack server, i'll be fun to watch, cuz it drives me insane

  7. Koen says:

    What mouse are you using?

  8. Crqzie says:

    4:11 that voice crack made u sound like a old Dutch youtube (TurtleV2)

  9. IOGamer says:

    hypixel wants to know your location

  10. DartHkHan842 says:

    what texture pack is this?

  11. 10shy says:

    so we not gonna talk about the face on the pumpkins?

  12. treqz. says:

    try to play on ''gommehd net''

  13. Bal says:

    skywars.com holy shit i havent seen that map in a fat minute

  14. Can Dogru says:

    Play in "SonOyuncu"

  15. Insidious says:

    Anyone know who or where he bought his cape? I need to find somewhere that doesn't scam lol

  16. 3:57 let’s try not to use our fists

  17. GM_ Khalil says:

    Are you Muslim

  18. ZG Gaming says:

    I alway wanted to be a Minecraft YouTuber but no mini games server in Asia

  19. Danel Mikmak says: