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I Hosted a HUGE Red Light Green Light Contest! (New Mode!) – Fortnite Battle Royale

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🎥 Edit and Thumbnail by: JackZenn:

🎵 Outro Song: Romos – Helios

Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! In todays video I hosted a different type of video: red light green light! Still doing these different types of Fortnite videos while I wait for season 2 of chapter 2!

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20 Responses

  1. You are copy TXNS Idea

  2. NonSalty says:

    y'all should play earth ground ship

  3. YahBoi says:

    These things are so scuffed lmfaoo

  4. Jay Jhaveri says:

    Tomato was true winner
    He was in before you finished saying red light
    Not his fault

  5. Game Hax says:

    U know, in India there is a game called – red letter Green letter

  6. 7one says:

    You killed around 10 people who didn't do anything wrong

  7. Juan Meza says:

    Imagine this as an irl movie produced by Jordan peele about martial law or something to that affect

  8. XLR8 Panda.- says:

    I love that the people are honest

    But only in the first few times

  9. Eweiss KiwiZ says:

    I just love when Sypher does challenges from real life into Fortnite

  10. F0rky says:

    the person who won the first challenge should not have won here is the proof 4:55 when syper said stop he stopped and then quickly kept on moving he should have been killed

  11. Pasang Lama says:

    This is footnote chapter 2 season 1

  12. Quicx says:

    You should’ve said “night” for confusion

  13. Lani Purcell says:

    who thinks the tomato syopped at 3:34

  14. EF Huzaifa says:

    Ye to tatti hai

  15. Svmuel Lee says:

    Nooo did sypher lose subscribers. He was at 3 mil now he’s at 2.5

  16. I still love sypher thOugh

  17. I love these type of community videos I wish I could compete in them but Idk how to work discord but pls do more of these and keep up the good work

  18. You copied txns video

  19. Dust Bin says:

    This was really fun you should do more of these ❤️