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I CAUGHT kids hosting a FASHION SHOW in a PUBLIC MATCH in Fortnite… (they got banned)

I CAUGHT kids hosting a FASHION SHOW in a PUBLIC MATCH in Fortnite… (they got banned)
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I CAUGHT kids hosting a FASHION SHOW in a PUBLIC MATCH in Fortnite… (they got banned) These kids were hosting a fortnite fashion show in a public match and got banned for it…

Family Friendly Fortnite Content #fortnite

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47 Responses

  1. Formula says:

    SUBSCRIBE & LIKE….ignore for bad luck for 777 years! (don't risk it)

  2. Eric Zhou says:

    Bruh there are so much self promoters here

  3. At Feb 10 it was my birthday!!

  4. Form: if i would have hit that i would have screamed

    Forms viewers:

  5. Twin Tastic says:


  6. I rlly love his content

  7. Ivan Rangel says:

    If u see this comment go to time 1:35 to 1:50 and u might hear disc or someone say something weird

  8. Formal you are a good no caps

  9. lesley anne says:

    It was that person u challenged I forgot his name lol big fan

  10. I've been subbed sense season 3

  11. logan pyott says:

    Formula you the boss

  12. Cinar Ozturk says:

    formula every time your face cam is always the same like when i press to watch

  13. Hey you wanna play some squads FazeGhost5142

  14. jimi hyland says:

    THE SQUAD formula nicks kiwiz disc

  15. with your trickshot go above water and make sure somebody has a harpoon gun and when you jump off get him to harpoon you up and 360 and you will hit it first try 100% put this comment in the next vid please

  16. Does anyone now why Alex were’s the same clothes.

  17. wasn’t bazerk that did that

  18. Why isn’t he using the renegade ?

  19. matt higgins says:

    formula please add me my name is higginater77 im on ps4 im beging you aka im a big fan of your videos

  20. Brady Bounds says:

    I all ready pass all my test this year

  21. Brandon Reed says:

    I was the ghoul trooper in the first game in the beginning

  22. Form your a goat I watch every single one of your videos I love them all bye.

  23. Rian Frazier says:

    No one:

    Formula: hold me daddy hold me

  24. Trevor Epps says:

    Hit ht like button if you subsccribed to formula

  25. Andrew Webb says:

    I didn’t hit the like button and I turned into a dog

  26. John Wick says:

    Plz start a "your actually a god" count someone

  27. Genova says:

    Make videos with kiwiz

  28. This is fake formilo

  29. I love your YouTube channel I have been trying to play with you for 19 years

  30. Kingzツ says:

    Formula: OMG I’m laggin

    Me: u just garbage

  31. Kingzツ says:

    I’m not subbing and liking u just want more people to sub if people do not want to sub then don’t let them it’s their opinion

  32. Monica Moore says:

    Can you add me on fortnite im epicfortnitee im 8 years old real name colton moore

  33. You always where a black shirt

  34. stop asking to like and sub RIGHT when i click on ur vid—-it makes me do the oppistite

  35. Can you try playing on mobile

  36. KAI BANCO says:

    Homie Alex hear my coment please and that you

  37. Soquinten says:

    Haha Nice video bro

  38. Liam Playz says:

    I do it all the time to

  39. Ray Playz says:

    Um so I didn’t like on one his videos so today we were playing basketball then I couldn’t hoop don’t risk it.

  40. Jamzy says:

    i sAw YOU IRL

  41. Hi formula I am your biggest fan here is my name tag lilhillboi207