FatCow Plan for $3.15/mo. only


I bought a public Minecraft server in order to invite some of my subscribers on to RULE OVER THEM as a VENGEFUL GOD OVERLORD QUEEN & do whatever …

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22 Responses

  1. 1me and 4you says:

    this just reminds me of hunger games

  2. Noel Lee says:

    Endermen have social anxiety and then they can't take it anymore… That's the story of the endermen

  3. How to get on your server I only have a iPad do you have Minecraft finally have to try and say with my brothers and everything you’re your world

  4. Jessi Cook says:

    At 12:50 anyone see someone singing Hit Or Miss? lol

  5. Someone said all hail the bread queen

  6. Lisa Radford says:

    Hey Lauren you should be like a evil God and when they ask for something interpret what they say in the Ronway

  7. coco gacha says:

    No one:
    Not even Bobby:
    Not even her fans:

    Lauren :
    I gonna become their god 🙂

  8. Fans: IM HUNGRY


    ME: why not toast

  9. Lauren you lucky you now why cuz I don't FLIPEN HAVE MINECRAFT

    cuz it cost moneys

  10. Me:(sees title) Well this will be a heck of a vid
    Lauren:It'll be utter chauos
    Me:yeah I know

  11. Can you make this into a series or a part 2

  12. millyshii x says:

    Now, 5 months later, I come back to watch this really funny video.

    AND I NOTICE AT 2:23 "stan loona" at the bottom and I'm like yeet

  13. Do more of this kind of videos xD

  14. Abyss says:

    this is how many times Lauren clapped

  15. TinyCorgi says:

    Lauren… I was on your server and me and my friends lost the elder dragon that was in a cove and everybody never got near it

  16. You should make this into a Siriers

  17. More my bread queen