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How to get a server icon on Minecraft-Hosting.pro

How to get a server icon : https://www.minecraft-hosting.pro/

Free minecraft server hosting and from $6
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24 Responses

  1. this needs to be updated. It doesn't work and its kinda putting a bad face on this server hosting for me…

  2. Instagate says:

    why does it say that my server is overloaded.

  3. Warrior 259 says:

    the plugins don't work

  4. it didn't change my icon, why?

  5. mc hostingpro como renuevo los 10 dias

  6. una pregunta como renuevo los 10 days

  7. Thanks Iam Brazilian Br + 1 Sub 😀

  8. i cant do ANY commands on my server, why?

  9. Hi, if you have problems with server just send a ticket to SUPPORT, HELPDESK. Our Support team will help you.

  10. NikoSoor UwU says:

    my server no funciona ;(

  11. Bozuk Klavye says:

    How can I delete my old server ? please help !

  12. Hey mc hosting pro is the filezilla don't have virus?? Because I'm not sure of it

  13. p1ginmud says:

    hay mate do u reakon you can make a vid on how to download your map that you have played on and you have built on for mac and pc thx

  14. Deity of Sin says:

    +Mc HostingPro could you make an updated version please?

  15. BGED _Gam3r_ says:

    Please you help me when I create my server writes offer unavaible … try again pls helppp

  16. Walnners says:

    comment on fait pour sauvegarder la map actuelle ?

  17. Darco Pelici says:

    Why plugins is not workings ?

  18. do i need to install filezila?

  19. Nazi Hip hop says:

    Muy Buena pagina 😀

  20. can you make it where the 1gb with players 90

  21. R3bbit says:

    Can you make a cool server-icon for our server? If so, I want it to be:
    Text: MP
    Text-color: Red
    Background: Iron-bars
    Skype: sigve.lien1
    It would be REALLY awesome if you made this for us!

  22. GrandioseG says:

    You guys are best 🙂

  23. Sheez Chill says:

    hey how can you upload a video on how to delete the server