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How to crash Counter Strike:Source servers HD

Simply go to C:Program FilesSteamsteamappsYOUR ACCOUNT NAMEcounter-strike sourcecstrikecfg Then open your autoexec.cfg in notepad and type: …

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23 Responses

  1. orwa gorban says:

    hello Tom Burton

  2. kia zineb says:


  3. Good old times. But This is outdated. Mani/Zblock or whatever addi it is has been updated command spamming will result in a kick/ban

  4. Madsx23 says:

    i dont have that autoexec.cfg ind my css =(

  5. rax7 says:

    when i press the key, everyone can see the "no timeleft" message on the screen? how did you make it invisible?

  6. Interior Crocodile Alligator, I drive a Chevrolet Movie Theatre!

  7. isaac says:

    wats the song? i search it and all i find is the normal version of that black guy singing it..

  8. kaheli100 says:

    doesn't work

  9. Nice agian but what is the song name ?

  10. Working!!! 5* rated

  11. Work Great NIce work!!!

  12. boen747 says:

    yer its funny this server was saying "stop spamming timeleft and nextmap" so i kept doing it and walla everybody got d/c lol

  13. boen747 says:

    the server has to have Mani admin as there admin menu, otherwise this will not work. also some servers have anti scripts for this now but it still works on like 70% of servers if u have the script right.

  14. Tom Burton says:

    type net_graphpos 2

  15. how do i get it int he middle?

  16. Tom Burton says:

    3……..damn minimum chars

  17. which net graph is that?

  18. boen747 says:

    add this to your autoexec in C:Program FilesSteamsteamappsboen747counter-strike sourcecstrikecfg

    alias "spam" "say @timeleft;say @nextmap;say @timeleft"
    alias "spam1" "spam;spam;spam;spam;spam;spam;spam;spam "
    alias "spam2" "spam1;spam1;spam1;spam1;spam1;spam1;spam1;spam1;spam1"
    bind del "spam2"

    Then go into a game that has maniadmin on it and keep pressing the delete button really fast and it will overflow.

  19. Tom Burton says:

    make sure you have restart your game, or have typed: exex autoexec.cfg into console

  20. AdamAKAspoon says:

    cant you see when he rejoined everyone started rejoining?

  21. Tom Burton says:

    well it doesnt crash you or server, it just overloads the server and it emptys it of players