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Hosting the Holidays – How We Survived | Whitney Port

Oh my gosh, did you guys just finally recover from the holidays because I did about ten minutes ago? This year we hosted Thanksgiving AND Christmas for friends and family for what felt like a month straight. It was a lot of work, but looking back it now all seems worth it. Check out our journey – what we did, where we went, what we ate, and everything else that happened in the Port-Rosenman household over the holidays. We hope you guys made some memories and have fully recovered. Peace in the streets holidays!

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Hosting the Holidays – How We Survived | Whitney Port

Whitney Port

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20 Responses

  1. Whitney Port says:

    We hosted this year. Usually, we travel, which is challenging and expensive. Which do you guys prefer: hosting or being the guest?

  2. Mary June says:

    Same.. just same

  3. Savannah H says:

    I'm the meal planner/prepper/executor. Doesn't matter where we are…if its at my house…its me, if its at my in-laws its me. Plus my daughter was born on December 29 which is an added stresser – so I have to plan a birthday party when everyone is holiday hung-over. 🙂 I tell myself that one day I'll look back and be happy about it all…but in the thick of it…I just want to throw my hands up and head to somewhere warm!

  4. THANK YOU WHITNEY! The holidays for MOMMA is so exhausting! And sickness too. Everyone has a great time but setting up and the take down sucks! I host most of the time and my husband is literally MIA. After the whole fam left on Christmas Eve, he went straight to bed. So, Santa was solo, and everyone came back for Christmas Day. I used to love Christmas but now I’m just a Grinch.

  5. Lindsay Hall says:

    Love how honest you guys are!

  6. surmon11 says:

    I thought they were Jewish

  7. Whit, your house is so pretty.

  8. Lori Haley says:

    We love to host but yeah a ton of prep! W, I love your natural beauty vibe. And T, I love your mom's insta!

  9. Jocelyn D says:

    I'm glad you got some great family time in over the holidays!! So nice that you're so close 🙂 None of my business but I remember you both mentioning that you're Jewish? I was just wondering if you celebrate both holidays or you have a preference for Christmas? Just curious

  10. Philippa Pay says:

    Definitely prefer hosting. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I want all the smells and warmth and leftovers around for the weekend. And Christmas is more practical to keep little kids near their tree and gifts than dragging them off for visits. Easter, Independence Day I will relinquish the food and beverage part of the get-together. Don't need to be home for church or fireworks.

  11. M W says:

    Definitely guest.

  12. TeenfoFeena says:

    Waaaaait…. whitney from the hills??? hAY girrrrl!!

  13. M Max says:

    Before I opened the video I thought you had some crazy ass pigtails. Pay attention to your background.

  14. I just want to say yes I'm a prep person I host Thanksgiving and Christmas every year so I send out emails, text to make sure everyone that's cooking or coming in is all on the same page because I love organization. Let's just say my family always thanks me later lol . I love family reunions and holidays just the noise and laughter, fellowship catching up and having fun I just so look forward to it every year.

  15. Maisy says:

    You hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas! Me too!

  16. I love how you are so honest and mention not only the positives but the negatives. Sounds like a great holiday season!

  17. Jenn Parga says:

    Where is your necklace from? Super cute

  18. It would be amazing if you posted a vogue inspired skincare routine video on this channel

  19. vee kay says:

    Yeah. There are people living in the streets, people displaced from their countries, people hungry. You'll be ok.