FatCow Plan for $3.15/mo. only

HOSTING OCE Fortnite Customs (Solos,duos,Squads) Fortnite Custom Matchmaking- LIVE #TeamGLM #GLMTFU

Hello to everyone new here, my name SonaR but you can call me Kane. I’m a 14 year old trying to make my dreams of becoming a streamer/youtube come true through Fortnite & Rainbow 6 siege. You can add me on PlayStation, my name is SonaR_YT my Xbox name is vSonaRR and my epic name is Corona SonaR feel free to add me on any of those and I’ll probably play with you! Am a season 1 og and I have over 150 wins, I work had on every video and montage I make to make it the best experience for you guys, also feel free to follow me on Instagram my name is _._sonar_._ Anyway that’s all from me goodbye!

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