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Hinge Pride Prom: Hosted by Jonathan Van Ness

For all the prom kings, prom queens, and non-gender identifying prom royalty, we partnered with the It Gets Better Project to bring you the ultimate inclusive …

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  3. Imagine actually getting to go to prom at all

  4. I didnt go to Prom because I was kidnapped and sexually assulted by this racist adult male when I was 16 that the police STILL havent caught but they luckily have a DNA sample so its a matter of time I guess. On top of kidnapping me, beating me up and sexually assaulting me, he got me pregnant and I just wasnt mentally able to even return to Highschool after that trauma and having a child because I could not bring myself to abort/kill my son. No offense to anyone who has, its just my own Personal conviction because of my Family tree. We had other women in our family that suffered similar racially motivated traumas and without their acts of selfless love despite what they endured I wouldnt even be here. Anyway, I had to finish at home and wasnt able to even be around males let alone go and Dance with one at a Prom because I couldnt even be TOUCHED by a male then and for many years after. Like not even to hug my own father and step father which was hard for them because I had always been an affectionate child.

    But SMILE Dears And Dont Feel Bad For Me, Darlings!!!! That all was when I was 16. And I suffered through serious depression and issues until I was about 19 or 20. Around 23 after trying to end my life and blessedly failing, I finally was able to return to being ME because I realized….SCREW HATERS….I WAS NOT GONNA DIE BECAUSE OF SOME ASSHOLES WHO HATED ME. I Was Gonna LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE And make my Haters GAG On The Fact I Was STILL Here. Now at 32 I till have depression and such because I am just a lower mood person but I am MUCH strongr than I was then and I am as you can read, now able to talk about my pain. AND I use my story to actually help other youths that have suffered the same traumas I have.

    So NOW At THIS Moment, I think Id enjoy Prom regardless of who I go with. Being A-Demi-Pansexual I see value and beauty in everyone. What was done to me had nothing to do with anything but Sexism, Racism and Hatred as the male was white and called me "His Yellow N-Word" and said what he was doing I deserved because "My People" were meant to be Used. SMH, To This Day Individuals Like That Still Exist And its Just A Sad Example Of How Behind Humanity Still Is As A Species.

    But As One Of My Personal Heros Said, 'I Have A Dream.' And MY Dream Is That One Day, With The Precious Kids In The Generations To Come, Humans Will TRULY Become The Most Intelligent Of Species And Use That Intelligence To Better The Entire Universe Not Just This World. And For The Sake Of Reaching That Goal, I Choose to Not be Anything like what Evil was done to Me. ALL people with Goodness in their heart and minds are deserving of Love and Understanding in My Book. Even people who Dont fit into societies "Norms" like US in the LGBTQ Community or US in the BDSM Community or US in the Furry/Scaley Community; To me if You are not Harming Children Or Animals with your actions AND/OR Taking Advantage Of Vulnerable/Weaker People who feel they have no other choice, IDC what You Do with Another WILLING ADULT.

    Quite Frankly People Need To Worry More About Racism, Sexism, Pedophilia/Incest And Cults In This World Than Worrying About What CONSENTING CLEAR MINDED ADULTS Are Doing. Long As Theres No Spouse Abuse, Or Threats And Dangers to Kids Or Animals Involved, In MY Book Do YOU. Love is a Pure element in the world and its one WE ALL need to Spread More Of Over Hatred. I HAVE SEEN HATED FIRST HAND, SURVIVED THROUGH IT AND OVERCAME IT. Sadly, There Have Been MANY Women/Girls AND Men/Boys Before Me Who Havent. I CHOOSE To Live A Life Honoring Them And Sharing The Love They Would Have Given Someone If Their Lives Werent Cut Short.

    And to all The Haters, Racists, Sexists And Negative Comment Having People Who Read This And Will Comment Because, Life; By All Your Sad Means, You Can Hate Me All Youd Like. But I Will Just Shoot You Down With Holographic Pastel Rainbow Glitter Cause Fuck ALL The HATE In ALL Its Forms; All The pain Ive Endured In My Life Has Taught Me One Thing….I May Be A Worthless Mess To Many….But I AM FABULOUS To The People Who LOVE Me, Darling!! And THEY Are ALL That Matter To Me. They Are My Sunshine And Moonlight. How Could I Ever Be Down When I Have So MUCH LOVE In My Heart. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    And Now, If you made it THIS Far Darling You Are FABULOUS And My Pronouns Are She/He/They/Them Because I Can Be ANY Gender Role My Partner/Lover Needs Me To Be AND IDC About This SHELL. My SOUL Isnt Defined By My Outside. My Soul Is FREE Of Boundaries, So Call Me Whatever Pronoun You Wish, Darling!!!!

    +Tosses Holographic Pastel Rainbow Glitter EVERYWHERE!!+

  5. I’m sorry but “el gee bee tee que plus” is a mouthful. You are going to loose half of society right there

  6. I don't live by labels, they don't define me, anyways I'm so proud to be a non binary in the LGBTQRUSTUVWYX.

    Just a microcosm of the main thing wrong with society: so many people are FULL OF SHIT. This applies to those that are allegedly berating these people too, they're full of shit as well.

  7. Garrett Hall says:

    Being gay in Montana, wish I could interactive with a community where I don't feel scared or judged. 38 and never felt accepted. I grew up on a ranch and then moved into customer service. When I am around the community I feel judged cause I haven't been able to learn or been accepted. I don't wear the right things, I came from a bad place and want to learn.

  8. Jules Newtel says:

    I started working brand ambassador events when I was 13 years old. I was a young activist in my community and organized monthly events where students, parents and civic leaders came together to find new and innovative ways to lead young students like myself to any age in the community where we could promote awareneness. That is how I started out. I was a part time disc jockey at these events. I was not paid. However I was given something better than money at that time: the respect and admiration of my community, I received award letters and high reccomendation letters for my championship leadership in civics. This was my “foot in the door” for brand ambassador work. Promoting student involment in our community. Then i started investing my own money into a big international technology industry, becoming a brand ambassador for my own company and product. Years later I started to promote big market brands like M&M candy and Pepsi at division 1 NCAA college sporting events. I am grateful to the global community because I have had the privilege of having many jobs representing big companies that help students, as I once was a student too! The opportunity I am offering to everyone is to have VIP access to these jobs that pay high wages and offer opportunities for more jobs in the future. Meeting Miss Pennsylvania USA is one my favorite moments working as a brand ambassador recently.

    Get paid to work at fun, national events here: https://lddy.no/anvp

    Trabajos estadounidenses para divertidos eventos nacionales:

  9. omg please fucking stop nobody wants to fucking see this on youtube

  10. Dk says:

    As a gay individual who didn’t go to their own prom AT ALL, this is something that makes me happy. However, also jaded because I would’ve loved to fucking be there, and there’s no real advertisement for an event that’s going to happen, only one that did.

  11. Dina Rubina says:

    Keep up the good work. Also where can i attend these prom events