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Hillary On Wiping Her Secret Server: “Like With A Cloth?”

Hillary On Wiping Her Secret Server: “Like With A Cloth?” (August 18, 2015)

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21 Responses

  1. The Jester says:

    So painful. If she had just been honest at the start it would have over.

  2. Orange Girl Ugly.

  3. Nesseight says:

    Just think, people wanted her to be president because Trump was vulgar on TV. Treason > vulgar…

  4. JustGFY says:

    Lying her ass off.

  5. Jesse Segedy says:

    She is such an arrogant ass on top of being a criminal. She is living proof that justice only applies to the poor and powerless.

  6. Dougie Quick says:

    Unless it is while honestly trying for a fast 1/4 mile time? Burn outs are SO LAME…it takes like no skill so what the hell is the POINT other than to damage a motorcycle?…same with donuts on pavement….RETARDED….now well executed wheelies? The wheelie has application, mastering the wheelie is even required for advanced off road riding…abusing motorcycles to show off? Utterly LAME

  7. Kenny C says:

    People voted for this.

  8. Diode Mom says:

    She is looking down, cutting her eyes left and right. Classic lying. She’s too stupid to even learn to lie well.

  9. Shows she is a practiced lier. Smiling and joking has always worked in the past but not now. She had lied about stuff eversinse she coulf talk

  10. Just her body language and that lame attempt at a joke tells you how much she's lying and denying. But that orange jumpsuit she chose to wear is some real funny foreshadowing.

  11. Jake says:

    fuck hilalry

  12. dust2 says:

    Crooked Clinton

  13. Bach Stahb says:

    ur goin down hilldog!

  14. dluv50rev says:


  15. dluv50rev says:

    This 20 second clip right here ABSOLUTELY 900000% shows us why this FILTHY, PEDOPHILE, UNAMERICAN, FRAUD, LYING CUNT IS GUILTY!!!!

  16. sailorman says:

    Ha ha….your going to prison.
    Ha ha.