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HEAR ME OUT… I Switched To Olympus E-M1 Mkii – Kinotika hosted by Dave Maze

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The Olympus EM1 Mkii is now the camera I shoot video with for most of Kinotika thanks to a huge firmware update! I have noticed that not many people are talking about this camera on YouTube and I really want to share my thoughts on this amazing camera. Even though the Olympus E-M1 mk2 is a bit old by now…the new V3 firmware breathes new life into it…making it one of the best all-around video/ photo hybrid cameras out there in my opinion!

Buy the Olympus E-M1 MkII
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HmU296
B&H: https://bhpho.to/2GqKE2Z

Even though this camera is a micro four-thirds camera…I think with certain lenses this camera will rival full-frame cameras. Comment below and let me know if you want me to compare this with anything!

em1x em1 em-1 e-m1 mkii mark ii 2 vlog vlogger camera best hybrid 2018 2019

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33 Responses

  1. Daniel Son says:

    Can you review the Em5 iii? Looks good.

  2. I'm glad Olympus improved the autofocus in video, but they still need to do more to make the E-M1 II a better video camera via firmware.

    1) 120 fps. If they can do it on the E-M5 Mark III, they can do it on the E-M1 Mark II because those cameras share the same processor.
    2) Sharper 1080p and UHD video. Even the 120p sample from the E-M1X looked pretty rough.
    3) Consistently high data rate. 237 mbps should mean 237 mbps all the time, or at least close to that.
    4) More accurate and consistent auto white balance.
    5) Remove the green cast (see the MirrorLessons video comparing it to the G9).
    6) Zebras. Ideally waveforms and vectorscopes too, but zebras would be an important start.
    7) Shutter angle.

    The E-M1 III needs a much better audio pre-amp like the E-M1X has, and it needs to record 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 internally as well as 4K 60p. It should be at least as good at video as the GH5 and probably better because the GH6 is not far off.

  3. Tom Kurus says:

    Are u sbiling of tom hanks?

  4. Wairoakid says:

    I love the camera for video but have a question I am looking for some help with.
    I am using an ATOMOS Ninja Flame to record the HDMI output from my EM1-Mkii. All the recording is done on the ATOMOS which means I do not push RECORD on the camera. I set the camera to video ( so I can get a feed without the overlay). The HDMI output is the video specification I selected in the video settings i.e Ck4 or FHD 50p etc. This is recognised by the ATOMOS. Audio is output in the HDMI feed. I either use M or P as the camera mode.

    Whilst everything has worked well I am still a bit confused as to the effect of shutter speed. It seems that as I am not recording with the camera internal process then setting a shutter speed is irrelevant ( except for exposure). I was using the rule of thumb of doubling the frame rate as the shutter speed i.e CK4 24fps means a shutter speed of 1/48 and 50p means a shutter speed of 1/100.

    However i can't see how this makes any difference as the shutter is not in operation. I think the ATOMOS is just taking the HDMI feed say at 50p and using that frame rate to record with. So shutter speed is irrelevant for this purpose and I can control exposure with ISO and Aperture

    Am I right?

  5. J KIM says:

    Great review!!

  6. J L says:

    Your mug is too big! Need a wider lense for this.

  7. Great video! Could you do a video where you compare video quality between the E-M1II and the Z6?

  8. I like Olympus, which is why it's hard for me to watch this. As a 'car-guy', it's hard to respect the opinion of someone who drives a Prius.

  9. AVICIIZ says:

    Wow I love the color so much! Get your shit together Panasonic!!

  10. hey Dave, how is the 1080p on this camera? On previous Olympus' it was terrible.

  11. nordfresse says:

    This is quite amazing indeed. Does the new CAF work equally well with Pana and Oly lenses? Does the lens stabilization of the pana lens work with the ibis or is it just turned off? Does anyone know?

  12. James Chen says:

    Just wondering how you get the natural profile in camera, i can only find the flat and log profile as options in the menu.

  13. Chris Viso says:

    is there an additional crop on the 4k?

  14. Message to vloggers I don't want to see you driving away and parking it doesn't make your vlog cinematic it just makes it boring pack it in.

  15. john wilcox says:

    it does not have a low pass optical filter do you see any aliasing or moire on detail like tiles brickwork etc

  16. Does someone know how to activate the natural picture profile during video? In movie mode I only see flat and log profiles…

  17. Hi Dave I am considering the Olympus for my channel i was wounded if you have tried it with a speed booster in terms of auto focus and I would LOVE to know how it paired the the sigma 18 to 35 1.8 hope you can help best James

  18. Peter Joe says:

    Pdaf works with panasonic lenses?

  19. Olympus is lifting its game – look out Panasonic

  20. brakmaster says:

    I want more videos on this Olympus wizardry. Heck I have two Panasonic's and a Sony and am really considering selling them and going the Olympus route…

  21. john doe says:

    no one cares about olympus nor they should

  22. The Olympus or Canon M50?

  23. I've shot and owned the following Cameras, Sonya6000, a200, a330, a7ii, A77ii, Pentax K1, k5iis, canon 40d, Nikon d7000, d810, Olympus em5ii, EM1 and PenF, e450 and… Out of all these one of my favourites was the a6000 with its 50 1.8 crop Sony lens and currently I use my EM1 and PenF Olympus on the 25 1.7 and 35 3.5 macro for daily use. Yes the A77ii with my 50 1.4 makes stunning photos and the K1 on the 2.8 also great. I use them for professional weddings / events only because I have the 2.8s for them. Once I get rid of some of they gear I'll most likely grab the 12-40 2.8 and leave it at that. I started early on with a full frame in the a7ii and still have my Pentax used mainly for landscape/astro work but I can't get past how functional the EM1 is and their lightness means I'm able to get shots I otherwise wouldn't have been able to. Don't be afraid of a m54 sensor the image quality and especially then stabilisation is next level.

  24. I enjoyed your video, what song did you use during the part about ibis? The 80's sounding rock song. I really liked it. Thanks

  25. Eric Young says:

    Megabits per second. 1 byte = 8 bits.

  26. kazarius says:

    as soon as i saw the ocean i knew you were on crown valley. i walk around that beach all the time and when i'm tired i go to the hotel lounge for a drink.

  27. JackH Tech49 says:

    The GH5 screen dims? Mine doesn't do that.

  28. Three years on, the Em1.2 is still a fantastic camera. It was a terrific camera at launch but folks couldn't wrap their heads around $2000 for a micro 4/3 body — and maybe rightfully so. Firmware 3.0 has made a great camera even greater and now you can get a new one for $1500. I tested the Oly against the Fuji X-T2 and X-T3 and for me it was clearly the better choice. IQ was on par with the Fujis, but the ergonomics weren't even close, not to mention the customization. I even tested the high resolution mode of the Em1.2 against the 100 MP PhaseOne IQ3. Looking at 16X20 prints, there was no discernible difference between the two. I asked a number of professional photographers (including two from the Smithsonian) and no one could say definitively which was which.

  29. what mic is on your olympus i didn't find that info in description, pls answer thx!

  30. GhotingGoad says:

    I don't know if it's just me but the video seems very choppy… Hmm?

  31. I've heard complaints (particularly from Jordan Drake of DPReview) that the pre-amp on this camera is bad, so audio recording is a challenge. Just how much of a problem is it?

    Also, I rented the E-M1 II on my May 2018 trip to San Diego, and I definitely could have used better autofocus with that camera. The shots of the seal and the surfer ended up pretty soft, which was disappointing.


  32. Matt Johnson says:

    I've got an E-M5 MkII, and I like it, but the AF-C is crap. If the MkIII isn't a huge improvement… I'll just get an RX100 VII.