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9 Responses

  1. What software was used for recording this video please?

  2. Sorry, this video is definitely not for beginners yeah? Probably for future reference? Because I did not get one thing!

  3. I think he skipped something's, and fast in writing the Git commands in Gitbash.

  4. And what about we that haven't linked our git to the github account? We can't clone anything without linking it first, we need a tutorial on how to link it up.

  5. There are some steps he skipped that if covered would have made this easy for beginners

  6. Nneji Uzoma says:

    You lost us at clone or download then magically proceeding to opening a terminal

  7. you didn't explain how you created your terminal

  8. Not really explanatory sir…
    I see you doing something like local host and all…
    Do you habe a pre-installed server?