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Giant TITAN Toothless Dragon Devours The Server! Play As Dragon Gameplay – Dragons of the Edge

Play as Dragons in this How To Train Your Dragon simulator but beware TITAN NIGHT FURY

4,000 Likes for more HTTYD Updates!
Download Dragons of the Edge here – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bEX_fabprORx2wD2SZwu7Y_6tfk2zvMW/view

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#HowToTrainYourDragon #Dragon #Simulator

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37 Responses

  1. Ahhh so relaxing uploading something you know most likely won't get a strike from youtube xD

  2. NGrima says:

    when i activate multiplayer and press join there are no servers idk how to join one if someone knows pls tell me

  3. I looked and this said 7 secs ago oof

  4. How does one join a multiplayer server? None show up when I search so you need the id right? do you know where I can find an id?

  5. DragonWolfC says:

    DAME COPYRIGHT! Don't strike Riot!

  6. Keep Riot going

  7. J King says:

    Hope you dont have to turn to minecraft

  8. blue gem says:

    wait did u said that yt is TRYING TO KILL U?!

  9. Day of dragons: Dude, gets half a million dollars then says he Can't complete his game because he doesn't have money when he is literally using nothing but free resources. Full team to work on multiple parts of the game. Not to mention a constant flow of free money being thrown at them.
    Still Complains about not being able to make the game.

    How to train your dragon game:
    Fan made with no special team or donations.
    Already better and has actual gameplay that can be used as a real game.

  10. Corey Moss says:

    I’m having trouble opening it can you do a tutorial on how to like extract the file

  11. Mr. Morocco says:

    Now that I think about it the main thing I learn on this Chanel is how to beat the shit out of people

  12. Tom Marshall says:

    M o r e I n e e d m o r e

  13. Mystic Wolf says:

    We need to riot to save riot

  14. Cheshire Ray says:

    It pisses me off Youtube ignores obvious copyright on other channels and your trying your best go by rules and they focus on you instead.

  15. WolfGirl yt says:

    How can i downlode dis game ? .. I have dis zip think on my pc but … How can i play it ?

  16. Mars Smith says:

    The cronniha virus might get us first before your kicked off YouTube

    I'm just kidding

  17. Can I seriously not get away from the stupid DoD drama?!? Not even here?!!? I'm getting real tired of hearing about it and its really upsetting that its even here when I thought you would be the one to stay away from it but now even you are talking about it?!? UGH! I just wanna enjoy watching my favorite youtubers without hearing about it! Its been months! LET IT GO! Who cares if it keeps going or dies! There are better things to talk about!

  18. Oof size: Large
    Thay screening noises sound like something from Godzilla- like a Ghidora gravity beam? Or one of the aliens.

  19. this things look so trashy xD

  20. Don't know why YouTube hate you so much fam

  21. Tym Tym says:

    Press v to eat a dragon u get a chunk of flesh in your mouth

  22. pixelz says:

    Btw I think you should download a few skins or learn some commands, that can be interesting ^^

  23. pixelz says:

    I didn't even know you were on this server :O ♡ that's cool, and thank you for calling my skin "the prettiest dragon" I agree xd, I love my skin so much tbh
    Good game ^^

  24. knowloage says:

    Just a reminder that 4k likes on Riot's reaction vid to Dino jugs and he will get it as a tattoo. Come on everyone, together we can do it.


  25. Draztraz says:

    Riot try spicy food too clear up your nose I know well how to get over allergy’s I am mildly allergic to cats we have 5

  26. Kamicoose says:

    Im in a group with Pixelz!! Hell yeah! Lol

  27. Nasty Devil says:

    Riot the invisibility I sent an attack it's just a thing from the third movie

  28. What you need to do because the copy strike is start a new channel on the side and have people sub now

  29. Open a second channel as a backup and tell ur viewers so we can subscribe to it just as a backup plan you already have everyone on ur back up page u amazing and I'd hate not seeing nomore videos

  30. brubber says:

    i love the amount of shade you kept throwing at day of dragons <xD

  31. Jyreek Hayes says:

    Play as nadder

  32. Leave a like you nerds!

  33. Nolan A says:

    Comon guys and girls leave a like to save our favorite YouTuber Riot

  34. love all says:

    Httyd was my childhood and being 15 I still love it

  35. Love this game so much. Its funny when I play as a baby and a deadly Nadder swallow me whole. But I only play in single player. Still training haha

  36. Sam Robinson says:

    what is up today riot

  37. Oh no riot is dying

    This is tragic