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FEH – Rival Domains HM Farming – Feb. 8 2020 [Lunatic] [2 Sol.] (F2P – 2 Turns – 3 Units)

⇊ Units used, details & music (Please read before asking anything!) ⇊

Sorry for taking so long, I wanted to get a 5★ Silque but at the end she wasn’t necessary, also sorry for the terrible pronunciation.

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Note: Remember that they can be different units, as long as they can serve the same purpose.

—–Solution 1—–

-4★ Naesala [Slot 7]:
–Weapon: Weakest one
–B: Hit & Run
–SS or A: Close Defense 3

-2-ranged WoM unit with at least 27 Res and Atk Ploy 3 (The unit with Atk Ploy can be a different one) [Slot 5]

-A Ninian (or any beast or dragon dancer/singer) with WoM, dance/sing and any buffing skill that gives Naesala at least +4 Def [Slot 6]
–If you want to use a non-beast/dragon dancer/singer you can place a random beast or dragon on [Slot 6] and the dancer/singer on [Slot 4, I think any other Slot can work too].

—–Solution 2—–

-4/5★ Silque [Slot 8]:
–Weapon: Any
–A: Def +2 (only if 4★)
–B: Pass 3
–SS: Close Def 3
IMPORTANT: Make sure that she doesn’t get on the dancer’s WoM range.

-Any melee infantry/flying/cavalry unit with Chill Atk 3 and an Assist that can get on ER and WoM range from a fight with Seth [Slot 5], I used:
-4★ B!Marth:
–Weapon: Any
–Assist: Any
–B: Escape Route 1
–SS: Chill Atk 3 (Any unit can have this, it doesn’t have to be this one)

-A dancer/singer with WoM (preferably 1), Earth Dance 3 and dance/sing [Slot 7], make sure that Silque isn’t on WoM range, or else the dancer will block where Marth is supposed to go.

-Any unit that can inflict Panic with Panic Ploy on Jagen [Slot 6], they’ll need to have at least 38, 40 or 42 HP depending on the version of Panic Ploy, this unit can be any unit that you’re farming and should have nothing else equipped.

-The other units are the ones that you want to farm HM, they must be level 40 (to get max HM) and have nothing equipped (and I mean nothing, unless needed).

Make sure that none of the units have assists or Pass, unless needed for the solution to work, in that case, equip them on the units that I point out (Assists change movement order & Pass changes where they will move, even if they don’t use it at all).

WoM = Wings of Mercy
ER = Escape Route
HP = Health/Hith Points (I’m not sure which one is it kek)
SS = Sacred Seal
HM = Hero Merit (Each 500 you get 500 feathers, this is the reason these guides exist)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I’ll do what I can to help.

You can check on this later if you’re having trouble, as I’m constantly updating it if needed.

Music used:
MOTHER 3 OST – Monkey’s Delivery Service

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19 Responses

  1. Thank you! I had to make so many adjustments to solution 2 to avoid using earth dance, but it worked. 🙂 I gave the 4 star silque Fortress Defense 2 off a 4 star Seth, then gave slot 6 Fortify Defense 3 from a 4 star Frederick. I don't have 150 coins for earth dance 3 so the fodder felt worth the cost in order to get another 40k feathers this week.

    Great guide as usual!

  2. Wesley Parks says:

    that seth is so frickin weak that with every unit ive tried, he cant get them below 40%, even with fury 3 or LaD3

  3. EJ says:

    Finally made mine work hahaha really hard because i don't have the seals as of now. What I did is put Aversa and her 5* weapon on slot 1 for the atk ploy so that she doesn't attack anyone., and a dragon with rally def and fort def to compensate for the close def seal

  4. Wesley Parks says:

    why does the slot5 need Chill Atk 3? couldn't ANY of the slots 1-8 have it, since it doesn't rely on user stats or placement?

  5. K M says:

    5* reyson works well for the dancer on this with his default fortify beast. Potentially eliminates the need for some seal usage depending on what you run. I ended up not needed CD seal or the atk ploy seal with a +1 5* Naesala

  6. Nice hearing you voice, I hope it will be more videos like this <3

  7. Einar Lopez says:

    For some reason my dancer keeps dancing on B. Marth instead of Silque, any idea why?

  8. Chaoton says:

    For the first solution, I use Julius for Atk Ploy and since I dont have Fortify Def 3 Seal, I use her default Fortify Def 2 and give Naesala Def1 on A.
    By using Julius I lost a Battery's slot but I'll go with it.
    Thank you for this week as well!

  9. Kravesin says:

    Nice, that hit and run is so smooth!

  10. If they have a Naesala 5 * they do not need Atk ploy 3 and fortify def 2 is enough and Ninian in slot C. 🙂
    Si tienen un Naesala 5* no necesitan Atk ploy 3 además con fortify def 2 es suficiente y Ninian en el slot C. 🙂

  11. Joey Graham says:

    I take it Pass 2 wouldn't work on Silque?

  12. nerdgasmz says:

    Last week's solution got me: My +10 Masked Marth! Thank you, she's my 2nd +10 unit I've ever had, and she does wonders. I have not just 1, but 2 Abyssal Map clears to show for it too! 😀
    Now onto my NY!Laegjarn, who will be at +6 once I get enough feathers from this solution. I'll report on the next vid with my other loot!

  13. POKESTRIS says:

    Gracias aunque tengo un problema en la segunda solucion y es que la unidad a melee se teletransporta despues del dancer no pudiendo alcanzar el fuerte

  14. Alishe Gamer says:

    thanks for your hard work

  15. Zarren Oasay says:

    Thank you so much, I was looking forward to your guide all day today !! Keep up the great work 🙂