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Checking out NAKEDZOMBOS PvP Server! – SOLO ARK: Survival Evolved

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DarkArk PvP – https://discord.gg/c4gcCUd

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17 Responses

  1. Hope your alright apex can’t believe your heart stopped

  2. ahmed falah says:

    will you still playing on nakedzombo server

  3. Can someone tell me when the Darkark servers wipe?

  4. Art2Sculpt says:

    I like his server but tbh there are too many vulvar abusive people playing mess them up apex the scrubs

  5. Csrl Obrien says:

    WTF wildcard have deactivated the exp notes so why are they working in this stream

  6. You already can guess who is new alpha on server

  7. I play as well on darkark PS4

  8. Every time you vape sounds like Darth Vader just walked up behind you lol

  9. Jimmy Taylor says:

    Apex I been with u since the start wen u had about 15k subs n i never seen u b toxic or rude but today u change u was threatening to ban a fan just cus he ask u a simple question dats not cool ik once Youtubers hit the 100k mark they get boujee

  10. nate hodge says:

    And you are the God of ark

  11. Clr- Clr says:

    Its a good server but cant even craft a tek rep