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Bill Johnson – Hosting the Presence – Part 2

Bill talks about how to host the presence of GOD and how to release His power in the atmosphere around you…
You can watch the first part of this sermon here:

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24 Responses

  1. Love this man and the way he teaches.May God bless all he put his hands to do! Go pastor Bill and Bethel church!

  2. chele889 says:

    What an Anointed Message and Messenger…."We don't want to be professionals at ministering"  AMEN!  this is what the SPIRIT is telling me!  This is what He is been communicating to me, but the WORDS this man spoke IDENTIFIED EXACTLY what it was!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sandra Burtt says:

    The Holy Spirit is our "God with us" we cannot do anything without Him. The Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin, will reprove, condemn and justify. It is the Holy Spirit that draws the soul of man to the Father through Jesus Christ the Son. Worship Him in the the beauty of Holiness.

  4. tanyatdw says:

    Wow…Noah sent peace out from himself. The Dove was looking for a resting place.

  5. i saw the LORD in the form of the HOLY SPIRIT. you can learn a lot from a person over the phone; But until you meet that person face to face, is when you learn who they are. HE wants to visit you. only believe.

  6. Sue Behnke says:

    I usually bless people with my peace. The Lord loves to answer that blessing.

  7. selador11 says:

    So, exactly how DO we release our peace into a household when we enter?

  8. hummbug1 says:

    well said 🙂

  9. Chan M says:

    Oh wow, what a message. God bless you Bill Johnson!

  10. Matt Gaither says:

    you r correct. there was definitely a lack of love in my reply. so, my apologies, that was not my intent. i replied out of frustration instead of love. while that does not hamper the truth of what i said, it does hamper the spirit behind it. so, my apologies to whomever that may have offended.

  11. ginaburpee says:

    Brother, I can see your concerned and I understand. But the way you're coming across is very judgmental. Whether you agree or not, love can be the delivery method of your concern.

  12. Matt Gaither says:

    actually i do get it. people like you are those that look around for weak willed people, double minded and ready to fall for anything their itching ears want to hear. there is too much to do, to get the bride ready for the return of Jesus. nad your negative attacks on a brother in Christ is really childish. pay more attention to the Word than to the teachings of men. so many of the disciples and apostles walked around in the presence of God. why can't we?

  13. carvct says:


  14. Matt Gaither says:

    what a horrible thing, releasing the presence of God to those around us. and all the scriptures he used, and never claiming to be anything but a man preaching the word. what a crazy crazy fool he is.

  15. Matt Gaither says:

    so much easier to cause division than to focus on unity.

  16. Praise God for the richness of His word and all that He has kept that we may partake of, only with an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. HalleluJah!!!

  17. If you have never truly experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit …outside of church when you pray …you may not understand yet…however Bill Johnson is speaking the truth …please continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to remain with you …there is nothing greater than having Gods sovereign hand touch you and your family…our pastor taught us to hear and obey the Word of God …we have …and now are Ascending …the Holy Spirit is Real Gods presence can touch man and change him forever!

  18. On the contrary. They are anointed.

  19. Seek the lords face outside of Church. When you're in your car, walking your dog, listening to music, when you're in the bathroom, when you wake up at night…David said it best… In psalm 27:8When you said, Seek my face; my heart said unto you, your face, LORD, will I seek.

  20. Thank you for the blessing! Love you brother/sister!

  21. And if you have any questions concerning God, ask him. He'll tell you! You're his child he wants to tell you his secrets, have full confidence in him! He wants to give you the desire of your heart. If you desire him he will give you more of him! Give glory to God at all times.

  22. Seek God in a secret place, when you're alone, praise God, when you're bored praise God, when you can't sleep praise God, when you shower praise God, when you want to praise God praise God. When you're shopping praise God, if you're in school praise God. Seek him. Ask him to show you how to live in Spirit and how to worship in Spirit and Truth. And again, go heal the sick, find sick people and speak in authority to their sickness. And have faith in God! Grace and peace be unto you!

  23. Fill me with your love, your grace, your mercy, your forgiveness, rest upon me Holy Spirit. Possess me Holy Spirit. Drown me in your love God. I give you my heart my soul my life all that I have all that I am, make me one with you Father! Thank you Lord, thank you God for your love, for your salvation, thank you that you've made me a son, thank you that you've put your Spirit in me. Glory be to you Jesus. Take me Lord, all that I have all that I am. Fill me with your Kingdom God. I love u Jesus.

  24. Pursue God. Tell him how much you love him, and how thankful you are to have him. Talk to him more. I mean its like having a wife. What would you do to please her? Also start healing the sick. You have the authority and God has called you to do it so do it. It pleases the Father. When you pray to God pray this "Father I love you so much with all my heart, I pray Lord that you would strengthen our relationship, open up my heart more so towards you, bring me closer to you, lift me up in you…