FatCow Plan for $3.15/mo. only

Best IPTV Service for USA, Canada, and Sports! – COBRA HOSTING – Best IPTV Service for the price


Best IPTV service for USA and Canada Channels and all Major Sports!



Filelinkd Code: 66528978

$10.00 per month

2 Connections

No Trials Available

USA IPTV Service
Canada IPTV Service
Family friendly IPTV Service

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19 Responses

  1. Hello everybody! I know the Cheapest hosting 🙂

  2. Can you do a review on Velocity HD

  3. DJ4THOUGHT says:

    is the HD channels 720 or 1080

  4. Karl Boyer says:

    Why not just pay for one time fee services

  5. jean porrino says:

    do they have french canadian?

  6. StreamTeam says:

    How could we get in touch with you to review our service?

  7. Vincenzohh says:

    Is this truly the best IPTV service ? I've been looking for a replacement since gears/:

  8. SM says:

    No UK pooh face?

  9. Nick D says:

    same old people crying no catch-up no this no that to much looks like joe blows iptv come on guys
    5.00 iptv where you get that some of you guys dont know crap about iptv you need to get cable then see who cry you get what you pay for 10 dollars with no buffer and every channel with guild with 2 devices is a good deal

  10. Great Family Friendly Service!

  11. Jose Ochoa says:

    No channels from Mexico, no gracias.

  12. Eli A says:

    If you want to add an external player to the Smarters app A good suggestion also is a wuffy player..

  13. Sid Ahm says:

    No iptv service is worth more then $5

  14. RICH ROLLIN says:

    Great review bigciga

  15. Keith Smith says:

    They dont offer service to mag boxes