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Astroneer DEDICATED SERVER Testing! Z1 Gaming

Astroneer DEDICATED SERVER Testing! Z1 Gaming

#astroneer #z1gaming

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14 Responses

  1. Bruh Boi says:

    Wish I was on

  2. Mark Uhlman says:

    Oddly enough, that was rather stingy on the debris and findable items. I myself find the game to be very randomized.

  3. Pierson Hall says:

    Man that was super fun breaking the servers. Got in the server with Matt from System Era. What a joy

  4. Caz69amaR says:

    You should have gone for the soil centrifuge first, and gotten compound that way my dude ;p

  5. William says:

    This should have been added when beta was around. laggy game on console.

  6. 佐藤永顕 says:

    I had to go to school!!!

  7. Ella Otto says:

    An important tip never really never goes hiking with Z1! Unless you want to get lost. xD

  8. Mark Uhlman says:

    They need a laugh at you emote. When somebody dies amd they respawn out of a hab you can point at them amd laugh.



  10. awesome, but how do you get it

  11. t-rex rapter says:

    I liked the intro

  12. Daniel Voltz says:

    What is that music cuz I love it