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Abusing my youtube rank to get free stuff on a Minecraft server

Abusing my youtube rank to get free stuff on a Minecraft server
join ip play.opblocks.com prison server & head to https://store.opblocks.com for free Muncher rank! – code “jack”
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💬 TWITTER https://twitter.com/JackMasseyWelsh
📸 INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/JackMasseyWelsh
👕 MERCH https://jacksucksatlife.shop
💥 MY MINECRAFT SERVER play.skycade.net
🤓 HIRE ME https://www.cameo.com/jacksucksatlife
🎹 Outro Music https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZkkNgbkcvog
🎶 Skycade’s Discord https://discord.gg/v6AdcUQ
🌍 My Texture Pack https://skycade.net/threads/jacksucksatlife-official-texture-pack-updated.8468/#post-34583
💻 Business email: jack @ skycade . net


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44 Responses

  1. 4 0 0 t h C o m m e n t

  2. What verision of minecraft are you using. So that I can join in.

  3. Annika Smith says:

    Tbh, I just logged into opblocks, and I really prefer skycade’s prison server.

  4. Block Bruh says:

    imagine being so dependent on a pick that without it u quit

  5. Jack: luny lovegood luna luna luna!!!

  6. COMAWRAITH says:

    Jack, what version is skycade on. Every version I try it says outdated

  7. doing DUMB test but only if I get PERFECT score

  8. Raptor 900 says:

    Nathan is a legend while tuz is a old loyal fan

  9. Exiled says:

    Me : Clicks on Jack video excitedly
    Jack : Bullies Tuz all video

  10. They say that the code doesn't work

  11. Volt64bolt says:

    Next give me all your money,ign same as username.

  12. Pranav says:

    he lost his hypixel yt rank lol

  13. Sky Cade doesn’t work

  14. Smooth Yoda says:

    Jack, help me make a valley of crafting tables on survival on performium, gradedcypressboi and (I'll edit this if he says yes) epic survival

  15. Destine says:

    😀 opb gang

  16. Jack: Why you gotta be so mean?

    Me: Taylor is that you?

  17. Geometry Guy says:

    The only reason to be a YouTuber.

  18. oof code jack no longer works

  19. UsingWolfram says:

    I have a few op items in my saved tools like super op armour, pickaxes and bows as well as a Knockback 1000 stick so if you want if can guve you thise items and you can troll people with them on,servers 🙂

  20. SmartName says:

    i do not really approve of this server jack because it doesn't have a backup of it's older version (beta) when i used to play and all ranks(including mine) got erased from the earths surface when it massively updated

  21. Lori Witzel says:

    Well, where do I use the code jack on the site, there is no places for codes

  22. Tali Chazan says:

    I thought jack was becoming a medicore Hypixel Skyblock YouTuber

  23. old 2500k says:

    why did i not get a notification yesterday when this came out 🙁

  24. Wendy Heng says:


  25. Tuz means salt it can be his name

  26. That servant needs to unionize

  27. Cyber says:

    Great video

  28. 8:22 that’s what she said

  29. BIG PEPE says:

    wel fighting a sumo spam click the ctrl key and it gives a type of anti KB

  30. Taraksgw says:

    Nathan is just better then you in sumo, So obviously he must be banned. lol

  31. BarkoGame says:

    YouTube Abuse

  32. Fancyman 01 says:

    Lol I used his user names for the muncher tank so he has a free muncher rank?

  33. Weird, it tells me I’m not allowed to redeem the code. I couldn’t enter the server because I’m on a vacation but I doubt it’s because of that.

  34. Put a ball of bedrock in the most awkward place possible

  35. Sam Craft says:

    The code does not work lol

  36. DrMegaSteve says:

    Build your survent a house so they can stay warm

  37. Nathan was banned for "gg"

  38. Nate Rippe says:

    Jack it's been around for longer than skycade bruh