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04. How to configure Storage Spaces on Windows Server 2016 (Step by Step guide)

In this video series I am going to be installing and configuring the new Windows Server 2016. In the forth video from the series I am going to configure Storage Spaces, which can help protecting user data.

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29 Responses

  1. thank you for your great explaining

  2. hi i need some help i cant see my servers in storage pool in the poton all is off te me how can i do it thnx

  3. Datalore74 says:

    We have a NIMBLE CS-1000 at work cost AUD78,000. Yep cant afford that for home so I love this vid. Keep up the good work.

  4. Lou H says:

    Thanks, what happened to the CompTIA A+ videos you
    previously posted on your page.

  5. Hi! Excelent Video… What happens when there are no more letters to assign to a disk?

  6. Jim K says:

    I have three 1TB HDD on a Win Server 2016 brand new. I want to configure a C, D, and E drive from the three physical HDDs. C will be for the system and programs, D will be for data, and E will be for manual copying of files to back up. How can this be done?

  7. Great Explanation !!!

  8. Fox Hound says:

    Hi and how are you!? Thank you in advance in in sparing me the time of your day to look into mine, so here goes! I am interested in getting Microsoft Essential and I wanna know the down right basics of what to know about it and money wise as I would only wanna use it for home use and access outside of the home. I understand that yes ofc I'll have to buy it hehehe! but are there any fees should I be aware of other than just buying it outright from microsoft? are there yearly fees to be paid and do i have to pay some amount of money depending on how many cores I have? again thank you very much for the time you've put in reading mine, you and your time spent are greatly appreciated

  9. Thanks dude, the video is informative and the last 5 mins are cooool

  10. "because using other people's storage solutions can cost you up to … a lot of money."

    LOL! Well, I have to say you definitely can't be wrong on that one! I'm totally using this the next time I have to discuss I.T. finances with my boss – just to see the look I get.

  11. Kalhrb says:

    Thank you for the video
    I have a question please can I save my OS in raid 5 for example if the one failed can rebuild OS and still running without any problem ?

  12. ninja2807 says:

    when i create a virtual drive on IIS to connect to share drive so that my website could download and upload from it. I just keeping getting error that I couldnt upload. and the permission was set to everyone full control. Do you have any idea what am i doing wrong? note that manually i can do anything with the share directory from my second server, but the IIS / website cant save or send the files over.

  13. vvv vvv says:

    Superb explanation.

  14. Affinity says:

    Great video, I just have one question. Is it possible to add an existing disk (with files) without having the disk be reformatted? To add some background, I'm just trying to have my disks accessible over my local network with zero redundancy. Thanks.

  15. Great videos and explanations. I am working toward my 70-740.741.742 Thanks for the videos

  16. Hamid Sattar says:

    I am running this lab in Virtual box. When i go for storage pool. There is no disk available.

  17. I wish to know if the free version of hyper-v server supports storage spaces.

  18. i am trying to add a physical disk and the option is grayed out. help me on that one

  19. Hey,
    does this require a minimum of HDDs?

  20. xinhong tong says:

    how did you jump from having just a DC to 1 DC and a file server now?

  21. mdd1963 says:

    Windows Storage Spaces…the quickest, way to slow software raid with high risk of all data loss! 🙂

  22. Rick Weber says:

    What's a good place for free practice exams?

  23. I Phillip says:

    Hi this was a really excellent video thanks

  24. Fred Y says:

    (at 4:15)
    Tree disks. What's that?

  25. thank you NIC ,where are you i miss your videos and your explanation and your voice :),please make us another videos

  26. 备选 says:

    Thank youu

  27. How do you do storage pools with multiple servers?

  28. Jeff Clarke says:

    I am trying to do this in a vmware environment. I've got a VM up and configured for File Server. I've tried several sized disks but at the moment I'm testing 2 500GB disks and trying to set up a storage pool. I've tried several options when assigning the disks to the server ie: thin/thick provision, independent/not independent etc…Tried formatting both standard and dynamic and GPT/MBR. Whatever I do i'm getting the following error during the pool set up:
    Physical Disks:
    The drive cannot find the sector requested.
    It does this for as many disks as I have assigned to the server. The back end storage is a Dell Compellent SCV2000 at the most recent firmware/software versions.